Gross foreign inflows to Govt. Securities top $ 500 million mark in 1H - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Gross foreign inflows to Govt. Securities top $ 500 million mark in 1H

Gross foreign inflows to Govt. Securities top $ 500 million mark in 1H

Daily FT: Gross foreign investment in the Government securities market has crossed the $ 500 million mark in the first half of this year.
According to Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) data, January to June 2023 inflows amounted to $ 530 million as against a mere $ 11 million in the corresponding period of last year.
Net inflow in June amounted to $ 63 million while cumulative net inflow during January to June 2023 amounted to $ 426 million.
CBSL also said foreign inflows to Treasury bills increased in the last few months notably due to improved investor appetite, supported by more clarity on domestic debt optimization operations.
Foreign inflows to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), including both primary and secondary market transactions, recorded a marginal net inflow of $ 2 million during January-June 2023, despite recording a marginal net outflow of $ 0.9 million in June.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s economy is once again on a growth path after facing the impact of a global pandemic and an economic crisis. The country’s economy had shown great resilience to external and internal challenges through the years and is once again showing the same resilience. Sri Lanka is also working towards becoming an emerging business hub in the South Asian region supported by the country’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country. The overall expansion in the economy has created new business/investment opportunities in key economic sectors in the country. The steady growth in tourist arrivals to the country and the interest shown by foreign businesses/investors to engage with Sri Lanka are indicative of the overall growth and business potential in Sri Lanka. Foreign businesses/investors could explore the expanding opportunities in Sri Lanka while also looking at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses.

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