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Opportunity to Develop the Urban sector in Sri Lanka

Opportunity to Develop the Urban sector in Sri Lanka

Here’s an exclusive opportunity to be part of the rapidly growing urban sector development in Sri Lanka. The Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka is embarking on the development of Battaramulla, an administrative city undergoing significant transformation. The area is witnessing increased demand for high-rise living, commercial, and office spaces, making it an ideal location for mixed-use development. Project scope include Land Extent exceeding 3 Acres, Lease Period 99 Years.  Why Invest in Urban Development Authority Projects is that if offers a Long-Term Lease, Secure tenure with a 99-year lease authenticated by the government, Prime Location Strategically located in Battaramulla, a rapidly developing administrative, commercial, and residential hub, Tenure security and provisions for required infrastructure facilities, Government benefits such as potential tax concessions or favorable regulations for investors.  The location Battaramulla, situated 8.4 km from Colombo City Center, is witnessing rapid development as the government relocates department head offices to the area. It has become a sought-after region, attracting government employees and real estate investment. Key establishments include Waters Edge Battaramulla, supermarkets, banks, and the scenic Diyatha Uyana Park along Diyawanna Oya. Despite temporary setbacks, Sri Lanka is on the path to recovery, supported by the international community and favorable economic conditions. Invest in Battaramulla’s mixed development project to capitalize on its prime location, government support, and growing demand for commercial and residential spaces. Contact Opportunity Sri Lanka to explore this investment opportunity and contribute to Sri Lanka’s rapidly developing urban sector. Contact us today to learn more about feasible investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

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LOCATION : Sri Lanka
SECTOR : Urban sector Development

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