Dollar Lands  is  a broadcasting portal for Investment worthy Real Estate related opportunities with short or medium-term returns. We are simply much more than a property site or a land sale. All that we present has got a value proposition in the real estate related space. You will be able to select an opportunity from a wide and diverse range to suit your investment appetite.

Dollar Lands is the latest and the most innovative addition to the Sri Lankan property business. Being the first of its kind, at Dollar Lands, you will predominantly find properties with a sure deal where you can make an attractive return over and above the prevailing money market instruments. In selected special cases you will be assured of a guaranteed minimum return for the investments made.

This is a unique platform that has a global outreach with a dedicated foreign team working on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition to that, it will provide adequate visibility to the Sri Lankan ex-patriot community and whole host of countries that may have an interest in Sri Lanka properties.

This is fast becoming the largest most sort after inventory of attractive property deals categorically presented, under Sale of Properties, Leased Properties, Joint Ventures associated with value propositions which are sometimes highly rewarding, to the global market place.

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s overall real estate market has previously bounced back from many downturns. This holds true even at present, considering that the Land Value Indicator (LVI) for the Colombo District as measured by the Central Bank appreciated by 9.5% in the first half of 2021, compared to the year before. Residential LVI for Colombo increased even greater, appreciating by 9.6% during the same period. This reflects the resilience of the real estate market and solid growth prospects, as the economy adapts to the new normal. Since the country is an Island nation and it is a middle-income earning economy with a large population (3mn approx.) residing out of Sri Lanka, it is blessed with an ever-growing demand. In addition to that, Sri Lankans culturally are buyers of property for long-term purposes.

Why Dollar Lands?

Inflation recorded a 13-year high in January 2022. In Sri Lanka, historically, investing in real estate has provided a hedge against inflation, especially as investments in monetary assets become less enticing since they hold no intrinsic value, unlike real estate. While local interest rates have risen, real estate still remain attractive, which would benefit buyers who are making investments through bank loans or foreign Investments with the deals that the Dollar Lands are able to offer.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka’s real estate market remains resilient, viable and attractive for both residential buyers and investors. While the long-term fundamentals remain unchanged, the recent developments, when analyzed closely, supports the trend towards real estate.