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World Islamic Economic Forum

World Islamic Economic Forum

History of World Islamic Economic Forum:
• Dr Ahmed Mohamed Ali-President, Islamic Development Bank Group.
• WIEF provides an ideal avenue for world leaders, captains of industries, academicians, key opinion leaders and business experts to exchange views and experiences as well as generating fresh insights.
• The earlier forums were held in Kuala Lumpur, Islamabad, Kuwait, Astana, Johor Bahru, London and Dubai.
• WIEF is open for Muslims as well as the rest of the world.
• The visa on arrival policy adopted by Indonesia too will be another encouragement for Sri Lankans to attend the event.

The 11th World Islamic Economic Forum, held in Kuala Lumpur between 2015 Nov 3-5, has evolved into possibly the most unique and successful festival of business, economics, music, arts, ideas and inspiration in the Muslim world.

The forum is organised by the WIEF Foundation and hosted by the Finance Ministry in collaboration with the State Secretariat and Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Indonesian Government.

Having just completed its 11th year, the WIEF has grown ten-fold from a paltry 400 delegates at the inaugural forum in 2005 to this year’s total of 4,113 participants from 102 countries, well above the 3,069 delegates from 98 countries projected initially.

The annual gathering of some of the best thinkers, speakers and do-ers in the Islamic world sends a powerful message of the enormous energy, enthusiasm and creativity amongst the world’s 1.5 billion+ Muslims.

The WIEF is undoubtedly one of the finest showcases of the Ummah, an excellent platform for partnership, exchange and knowledge sharing on critical development issues.

2016 World Islamic Economic Forum:

The 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) will be an ideal opportunity for Sri Lankan micro sector entrepreneurs to gain exposure to the world WIEF Foundation Chairman Musa Hitam said.

The forum will be held at Jakarta Convention Centre from August 2 to 4.

Hitam said it will also give them a chance to speak and interact with some of the world’s leading companies and share their experiences. Some 2,500 delegates and 60 role players from over 100 countries across the globe are expected to attend the 12th WIEF.

OSL Take:

Lankan SMEs could really benefit from World Islamic Economic Forum and even be able to find partners to help them to elevate their businesses from micro to the SME level.

Sri Lankan companies could actually get together and have an area to display our products since the Forum also offers this opportunity.

Plans are in place to waive off the “participation fee” from the micro sector entrepreneurs as an encouraging gesture.

The 12th World Islamic Economic Forum will also be good opportunity for Sri Lankan Tourism, Tea Board and the Gem Authority to showcase their products to the global audience.

The creative industries, Islamic travel and Halal food markets are other areas that are set to benefit from the fast-growing Islamic economy, which is not limited to the Muslim world, but could be better grasped in partnership with the wider international community.

Key issues that will be discussed at the 12th WIEF include sukuk for infrastructure financing, integration of Halal sectors and Islamic Finance, expansion of the global Halal food industry, development of the global modest fashion industry, improving funding access for MSMEs, integrating MSMEs into the digitised trade and more.

To learn more about the country situation in terms of Islamic business environment and investment activity, feel free to talk to the biz-frindly OSL Team today.

Statistical information about Sri Lanka population:

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Population growth rates of the ethnic groups:
• Sinhalese — [(15,173,820-10,979,400)/ 10,979,400/31] x100 = 1.2323%
• SL Tamils — [(2,270,924-1,886,900)/1,886,900/31] x100 = 0.6565%
• SL Moors — [(1,869,820-1,046,900)/1,046,900/31] x100 = 2.5357%

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