Vidullanka goes with alternative approaches to build resilience to face current crisis. - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Vidullanka goes with alternative approaches to build resilience to face current crisis.

Vidullanka goes with alternative approaches to build resilience to face current crisis.

Daily FT: Vidullanka PLC, a forerunner in the nation’s renewable energy spectrum has taken further steps to build resilience to face the current crisis by adopting alternative solutions and extending its green initiatives.
Having developed a culture for alternative solutions, Vidullanka enabled its employees to switch from petrol bikes to E- bikes. This was officially commenced by handing over E bikes to all its mini hydro power plants supervisors in Sri Lanka. In addition, Vidullanka decided to provide financial support to employees to purchase an E-bike and subsidise the travel cost by providing free of cost charging of the E-bike at the power plants. This will help to save money spent on fuel as well the valuable time they waste at fuel stations.
This worthy initiative was directed not only for the benefit of the employees but also to benefit the greater community by reducing its consumption of fuel.
If E-bikes continue to surge in popularity, they may finally provide one of the best solutions to the current crisis as well as workers dissatisfied with the hassles of searching for fuel.
Furthermore, considering the LP gas crisis, all power plants are supplied with wooden fired stoves to replace the LP gas cooker. The stove which was developed under NERDS is a very efficient wood fired stove requiring a very limited quantity of wood. The cooking is done in quick time and saves much hassle of wasting time looking to buy LP gas.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s ongoing power crisis has presented a host of new business/investment opportunities to the discerning businesses/investors. The growing demand for power in Sri Lanka has created many business/investment opportunities for foreign businesses/investors to engage in the country’s power generation process in multiple ways. One of the key areas showing an increasing business potential is Sri Lanka’s renewable energy generation sector. With Sri Lanka focusing more on clean energy and increasing the country’s renewable energy generation capacity to 70% by 2030, there are many business/investment opportunities in the country’s renewable energy sector. Also, the ongoing power cuts have opened a market alternative energy solutions including equipment and appliances that operate on using renewable energy sources. Local businesses engaged in the renewable energy sector have recorded a growth and posted impressive profits in the past few months. This is also indicative of the growing business potential in Sri Lanka’s power industry, especially in the renewable energy and alternative energy sectors. 

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