The Lost Hostels expands into Sri Lanka with two hostels - Opportunity Sri Lanka
The Lost Hostels expands into Sri Lanka with two hostels

The Lost Hostels expands into Sri Lanka with two hostels

The Morning: The Lost Hostels unveils the opening of two new hostels in Sri Lanka. This strategic expansion marks a monumental achievement as The Lost Hostels becomes the first Indian brand to venture into the backpacker’s hostel segment in Sri Lanka, signifying a milestone for the travel industry in both nations.
Famed for delivering a perfect blend of adventure and comfort to travelers, The Lost Hostels has etched indelible memories across some of India’s most iconic destinations. With its footprint now extending to Sri Lanka, the brand promises to replicate its signature magic. The new hostels’ prime locations offer guests effortless access to premier attractions, vibrant nightlife, and immersive cultural experiences.
The visionary founder of The Lost Hostels Jitesh Agrawal, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “We are elated to introduce The Lost Hostels experience to Sri Lanka. Our objective is to offer a distinctive fusion of adventure and comfort, affording travelers the chance to explore novel destinations, forge connections with like-minded souls, and positively impact local communities. We firmly believe that this expansion will not only enhance the traveler’s journey but also contribute positively to the communities we serve.”
The decision to extend operations to Sri Lanka underlines The Lost Hostels’ unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and support to the local travel industry. This move is especially poignant amidst the ongoing economic challenges faced by Sri Lanka. As an Indian entity, The Lost Hostels’ entry into the Sri Lankan market ushers in prospects for cross-cultural exchange and economic prosperity.
Co-Founder of The Lost Hostels Sri Lanka Harshit Soni added: “Having been immersed in the incredible ambiance and spirit of The Lost Hostels in Varkala, our decision to collaborate with Jitesh and establish a hostel in Sri Lanka felt natural. Our aim is to recreate the immersive and enriching experience that we encountered at our Varkala hostel. We want to offer travelers the opportunity to bond with fellow adventurers, create enduring memories, and cultivate a sense of community. Teaming up with Hamza (Mohamed Hamza – Co-Founder of The Lost Hostels Sri Lanka), we are excited to infuse Sri Lanka with this distinct and vibrant atmosphere, enabling travelers to embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and camaraderie.”
Equipped to meet the escalating demand for affordable and comfortable accommodations, The Lost Hostels draws from its well-established success in India. The brand is well-versed in the art of exceptional customer service and cultivating a welcoming environment for travelers from diverse backgrounds.
The inauguration of the two new hostels in Sri Lanka ushers in a new chapter for The Lost Hostels, reaffirming its prominence as a key player in the hostel industry, both domestically and overseas.
Looking ahead, The Lost Hostels envisions expanding to other prominent backpacker destinations across India, South East Asia, and global markets. The brand is steadfast in its mission to emerge as a global icon, delivering unparalleled travel experiences to backpackers worldwide.
The Lost Hostels is known for providing affordable and comfortable accommodations in some of India and Sri Lanka’s most iconic destinations. Merging adventure and comfort, The Lost Hostels aims to craft distinctive travel encounters for individuals and groups, enabling them to uncover new horizons, form enduring friendships, and craft memories that last a lifetime.

OSL take:
The ongoing expansion in the travel and tourism industry is indicative of the increasing number of foreign travelers visiting the country. The many promotional campaigns carried out in key tourist source markets and the exposure received by Sri Lanka in the international media as a must visit tourist destination have all helped boost the tourism industry, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors. The expansion in the industry has attracted the attention of many international leisure brands with many expressing interests in doing business in Sri Lanka. Also, local businesses engaged in the tourism industry are also engaged in refurbishment and expansion programmers to meet the growing demand. Given the growth and business potential in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors, foreign businesses/investors could explore the growing opportunities in the industry. They could also look at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses.

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