Registration of Supplying Chemical Fertilizers

Registration of Supplying Chemical Fertilizers

The Chairman, Standing Cabinet Appointed Special Procurement Committee (SCASPC) on behalf of the state Companies of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Fertilizer Co. Ltd. and the Colombo Commercial Fertilizers Ltd., invites eligible suppliers to submit applications to be registered for the supply of the following types of chemical fertilizers for year 2018/19.

    i. Urea (Prilled ii. Urea (Granular).
    ii. Triple Super Phosphate (TSP). iv. Muriate of Potash (MOP).

Eligible Applicants will be included in a list of registered Suppliers consequent to an evaluation and such suppliers who are entitled to submit bids. Bids will be invited from time to time during the year 201 8/19 for the supply of above fertilizers, to both public owned companies for a period commencing from 01 st August, 2018 until 31 st December, 2019.

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Tender Eligibility : As per the registration documents
Line Ministry : Ministry of Agriculture
Line Agency : Ceylon Fertilizer Company Ltd, Colombo Commercial fertilizers Ltd
Project Site : Hunupitiya, Wattala
Issuance of tender document : on any working 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. to the Procurement Division of the Ceylon Fertilizer Company
Tender Document Fee : LKR. 100,000
Tender Code : VBS/TD/30082018/Y_5

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