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Procurement of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Procurement of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

SPMC is a fully Sri Lankan government owned organization engaged in the manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals for its own stock and distribution in the private sector, and for use in all government hospitals of the Department of Health. The procurement of pharmaceutical raw materials and laboratory chemicals etc., is done by the SPMC for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Sealed Bids are invited from foreign and local manufacturers’ suppliers or their accredited agents for the supply of the items indicated in the schedule of supply

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Tender Eligibility : As mentioned in the bidding document
Line Ministry : Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine
Line Agency : State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC)
Project Site : Sri Lanka
Bid Security : Will be up to 10% of the total value of award
Bid Validity : 91 days after the deadline for bid submission
Issuance of tender document : Deadline to collect the bid documents is 08.06.2020 at 15.00 hrs (free inspection)
Tender Document Fee : Please refer to the list of Raw Material Requirements (Tender Doc Fee stated in cash for each raw material listed)
Pre Bid Meeting : N/A
Estimated Project Cost : Not Mentioned
Contract Period : Not Mentioned
Tender Closing Date : 09.06.2020 at 10.00 hrs (Sri Lanka Time) (Bid opening will happen immediately after)
Funding : No Funding
Tender Code : VBS/TD/15052020/Y_1

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