Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller magazine adorns Sri Lanka on cover - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller magazine adorns Sri Lanka on cover

Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller magazine adorns Sri Lanka on cover

Daily FT: Sri Lanka continues to bask in the global limelight for its unique tourism offerings in 2023 and this time it has made it to the cover page of the Traveller magazine of the popular Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).
The Cover page published on 9 June by Senior Lee Tulloch, who is also the founding editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia has described, “Why you should visit this undersold, teardrop-shaped island right now.”
She gives a detailed explanation from geographical location, to detailed socioeconomic conditions, to accommodation, restaurants and must visit attractions.
In opening her article (, Tulloch explained: “If there’s a country that could do with a lot of love right now, it’s Sri Lanka.”
“This is my third visit to the tear-drop-shaped country of 22 million people, which lies just 35 kilometres across the Gulf of Mannar from India. I was there when it first opened up after the civil war, in the years before COVID-19 when it had become a hot destination, and this April, a few months after the economic crisis. Each time I go I’m astounded by the country’s natural beauty and diversity, which ranges from hilly tea plantations to leopard-roaming jungles and underpopulated beaches lapped with the warm clear water of the Indian Ocean,” she describes.
She explained that from inexpensive roadside roti carts and home cooking-style restaurants, such as the original Mama’s in Galle Fort; to lobster curries and kottus at high-end resorts where the chefs have often done stints in Dubai or the Maldives, there’s a kaleidoscope of colourful choices, resourced locally.
“As Sri Lanka comes back resoundingly, there has probably never been a better time to visit,” Tulloch added.

OSL take:

Since the global pandemic and last year’s economic crisis, Sri Lanka is on the path to recovery with much focus being placed on the country’s tourism industry. Statistics issued by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has noted a steady increase in tourist arrivals to the country this year while also recording a growth in tourism earnings. Sri Lanka Tourism has also launched many promotional campaigns targeting traditional as well as new tourist source markets while exploring new tourism concepts. The positive developments in the country’s tourism industry have also resulted in many businesses in the tourism industry, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors, looking at expanding their existing businesses. These movements are also indicative of the growing business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors. Many international leisure and hospitality businesses have also entered Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry while some others have expressed interest in entering the country. Also, Sri Lanka has received much publicity in the international media as a must visit tourist destination.

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