Sri Lanka’s Orel IT expands to Singapore by opening a branch office - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Orel IT expands to Singapore by opening a branch office

Sri Lanka’s Orel IT expands to Singapore by opening a branch office

Daily FT: Orel IT, a Sri Lankan based premier IT services provider operating with a key focus to empower humanity with Industry 4.0 recently established operations in Singapore, a major technology hub.
The move was as part of the company’s expansion efforts in the South-East Asian region with the view of revamping its services to the customers based in the area.
The newly-opened branch came up in the Gambas Crescent Region, Singapore where there is a huge demand for professional IT services. Orel IT will go on to offer an array of fully-fledged IT solutions to customers in the domains of AI solutions, data services, and engineering services including managed services.
Additionally, the company is also said to provide further support for its clients in AI consultation, provisioning of data and data classification, data annotation for research and analytics including research facilitation.
“We are excited to establish our presence with an office in Singapore. This will allow us to work even more closely with the diverse requirements from customers in the region and we are ambitious to keep moving into reaching greater heights globally,” said Orel IT CEO Dr. Upendra Pieris.
Established in the year 2010, Orel IT presently serves a world-class client base prevalent in Europe, Asia and North American continents providing quality solutions across 12 diverse industries. Owing to its excellent contribution in generating huge revenue inflows to the country while elevating the standards of the Sri Lankan IT industry, the company has also been recognized with numerous titles from various local and global awarding bodies throughout its corporate tenure.
Being named the largest exporter and revenue generator in the IT/ICT and BPM domain consecutively since 2018, Orel IT aspires and believes it can lead by being at the forefront of the industry in the technology arena as a proud Sri Lankan company, taking Sri Lanka to the global stage. The company has also grown exponentially from a two-person operation to a 4,500 plus strong workforce in just over a decade.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors have become a hotspot for business/investment opportunities in the country. The government of Sri Lanka is focused on uplifting and developing the country’s digital infrastructure and transforming the country into an e-economy. The incentives offered to businesses engaged in the ICT sector in Sri Lanka have helped the local businesses expand into other countries in the region as well. The full potential of Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors are yet to be fully exploited leaving a host of business/investment opportunities.

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