Sri Lanka’s mission in Russia promotes traditional crafts in Russia - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s mission in Russia promotes traditional crafts in Russia

Sri Lanka’s mission in Russia promotes traditional crafts in Russia

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia in a bid to promote traditional Sri Lankan crafts in Russia has presented a collection of traditional local masks to a mobile Club-Museum-Lecture Hall ‘Traditional Masks and Figures of the World.’ The mobile club-museum-lecture hall travels around the country organising exhibitions and lectures on masks, crafts and cultures of various countries, according to local media reports.
According to reports, the masks, which were received from the National Crafts Council of Sri Lanka, had included Kolam masks, Sanni masks, Salu Paliuya masks, Raksha masks, etc.
First Secretary, Culture and Education of the Embassy, Nirosha H. Herath, has reportedly given a brief description about the masks and rituals related to Sri Lankan culture at the handing over ceremony, which was held during one of the lectures of the Museum dedicated to masks and figures of different regions.

Reports further state that the audience had demonstrated great interest in the masks presented by the embassy and the customs and traditions associated with them.
The Sri Lanka mission in Russia has stated that the masks presented to the museum ‘Traditional Masks and Figures of the World’ will serve to increase awareness of Sri Lanka among its visitors.

OSL take:

Traditional Sri Lankan crafts have presented a new business opportunity for the country’s export market. Sri Lanka’s state owned craft sales network, Laksala, has already signed franchise agreements with several foreign parties in a bid to proof and expand traditional local crafts to foreign markets. What with the expansion of Sri Lanka’s manufacturing and exports sectors as well as the expanding market for local crafts, foreign businesses/investors could explore the emerging business/investment opportunities in the local crafts sector.

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