Sri Lanka’s Heritance Negombo partners with Sentido - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Heritance Negombo partners with Sentido

Sri Lanka’s Heritance Negombo partners with Sentido

The Morning: Heritance Negombo, a property under the Aitken Spence Hotels portfolio, announced its franchise partnership with Sentido of DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts GmbH.
Accordingly, commencing 1 November 2023, Heritance Negombo is to be rebranded as Sentido Heritance Negombo.
Aitken Spence Hotels Chairperson Stasshani Jayawardena expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “We wholeheartedly embrace this transformative journey. With the exceptional standards of Heritance combined with Sentido’s global standards, the property is destined to become a beacon of distinguished hospitality in the region.”
Sentido, an international hotel brand established in 2009, has an extensive network spanning across Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is renowned for providing a tranquil and relaxed holiday environment tailored for single travelers, couples, and small families with discerning preferences. In 2019, the Sentido brand was acquired by DER Touristik, a European travel company catering to millions of guests seeking both leisure and business travel experiences. DER Touristik’s rich century-long heritage in the travel and tourism industry has solidified its reputation as a division of the REWE Group, one of Europe’s foremost trading companies. Through this partnership, Sentido Heritance Negombo will leverage global synergies and access to an extensive network of travel partners, expanding its reach to a broader global audience.
Commenting further on the collaboration, DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts Managing Director Christian Grage stated: “Sentido offers a unique experience of the senses, and we are absolutely thrilled to bring this exceptional proposition to Heritance Negombo, our inaugural Sentido branded property in Sri Lanka. We eagerly anticipate leveraging our expertise to enhance the global travel footprint to Sri Lanka, as these two esteemed brands seamlessly converge.”
The collaboration represents an opportunity for the growth and promotion of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, particularly for the city of Negombo. With Sentido’s extensive marketing commitment and DER Touristik’s strength in the travel sector, Sentido Heritance Negombo is expected to attract travellers from around the world to experience the country’s heritage and hospitality.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is once again on the growth path after facing the impact of the global pandemic and the economic crisis that followed. The steady growth in tourist arrivals to the country and the increase in the number of flights operated to Sri Lanka by international airlines indicate the overall growth in the tourism industry. The many promotional campaigns carried out by local authorities in key tourist source markets and the exposure received by Sri Lanka in the international media as a must visit tourist destination have also helped boost the tourism industry. The growth and business potential in the industry have attracted the attention of many international leisure and hospitality brands to enter Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors. With Sri Lanka’s tourism authorities also looking at exploring new tourism concepts through new partnerships, the expansion in the industry will pave the way for new business/investment opportunities. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

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