Sri Lanka’s GRI unveils Green XLR Earth Series built with sustainable material - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s GRI unveils Green XLR Earth Series built with sustainable material

Sri Lanka’s GRI unveils Green XLR Earth Series built with sustainable material

Daily FT: GRI’s recently launched Green XLR Earth Series tires have achieved noteworthy performance during the last six months of field tests in Germany. Designed to revolutionise the industry, these tires incorporate an impressive 78.6% sustainable material, including pure natural rubber sustainably sourced from Sri Lankan rubber farmers. The Earth Series from GRI significantly reduces the carbon footprint while delivering unparalleled performance and durability.
The Green XLR Earth Series tires represent a significant leap forward in GRI’s commitment to environmental stewardship by optimising the use of recycled carbon black, reclaimed rubber, highly dispersible silica, soybean oil and bio-sourced cellulose fibres. The use of bio-sourced soybean oil, combined with next-generation HD Silica, not only improves fuel economy but also extends tire life. Through these innovative technical advancements and the use of environmentally friendly raw materials as well as processes, the Earth Series tires offer a multitude of benefits, including low abrasion loss, enhanced durability, reduced soil compaction, decreased rolling resistance for efficient and improved fuel consumption.
The Earth Series tires have undergone extensive testing, receiving excellent feedback from farmers and industry experts. In many regions in Europe the tires have proven their mettle, delivering exceptional performance in diverse conditions.
GRI Managing Director Prabhash Subasinghe expressed his enthusiasm for the Earth Series agriculture tires, stating, “GRI has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation while prioritising sustainability. The Earth Series represents a significant milestone in our journey to make a positive impact on our planet, where we have seamlessly blended cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly materials. The exceptional performance and positive feedback received reaffirm our commitment to delivering superior specialty tires that meet the evolving needs of farmers worldwide.”

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s manufacturing sector has shown a steady growth despite the challenging economic conditions faced by the country in the past few months. The growth in some key economic sectors has also promoted operations in the manufacturing sector. The sector has also received a boost by the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country. This has created a close link between the manufacturing and exports sectors. Sri Lanka’s manufacturing sector is also focused on uplifting and upgrading their production lines to be on par with international standards in order to compete in the export markets. Foreign businesses/investors exploring opportunities in Sri Lanka could look at investing in the manufacturing and exports sectors. They could also look at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses to further expand operations since Sri Lanka is working towards becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region.

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