Sri Lanka’s GRI manufactures eco-friendly tyre - Ultimate Green XT - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s GRI manufactures eco-friendly tyre – Ultimate Green XT

Sri Lanka’s GRI manufactures eco-friendly tyre – Ultimate Green XT

Sri Lanka’s GRI has launched its most environmentally-friendly tyres named the Ultimate Green XT. GRI has reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the planet with the launch of the new tyre, which has been identified as one of the most environmentally-friendly material handling solid tyres in the world.
“Environmentally sustainable growth is our strategy today and for generations to come. We work towards this goal through the way we produce our tyres as well as develop new tyres. The Ultimate Green XT solid tyre for the material handling industry is a result of our drive to create and manufacture products that are sustainable,” GRI Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma has been quoted as saying in the local media.
The Ultimate Green XT contains 42.8% sustainable materials, which include bio-sourced, and recycled materials and is built with pure natural rubber, silica, recycled carbon black, and reclaimed rubber from used tyres.
According to local media reports, the Ultimate Green XT tyre provides a higher energy efficiency due to its 20.4% lower rolling resistance than the current tyre.
The Ultimate Green XT is a premium-plus material handling tyre, built for 24 hours per day, three shift operations, enabled by lower heat build-up and higher endurance. The green colour version is a non-marking, high-performance tyre developed for all surface conditions and intense operating environments.
“In creating the pioneering Ultimate Green XT, we not only considered environmental protection by using a high degree of sustainable materials, but we also focused on improving performance such as increasing energy saving of forklifts as well as extending the lifetime of the tyre. With innovations such as this, we strive to inspire our industry towards making a positive impact on our planet,” GRI Managing Director Prabhash Subasinghe has been quoted as saying in the Daily FT.

OSL take:

The government of Sri Lanka has adopted a policy of promoting a blue and green economy resulting in the development and promotion of sustainable development goals. Apart from promoting organic agriculture and renewable energy generation, Sri Lanka has also provided incentives for industries promoting eco-friendly products. The innovation of new eco-friendly products even amidst pandemic challenges indicates the strength and growth of Sri Lanka’s private sector. The many trade agreements as well as concessions enjoyed by the country have also helped boost Sri Lanka’s exports. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore the growing business potential in Sri Lanka’s manufacturing industry.

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