Sri Lanka’s government extends 242 acres of land to boost crop cultivation. - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s government extends 242 acres of land to boost crop cultivation.

Sri Lanka’s government extends 242 acres of land to boost crop cultivation.

Daily FT: The Government has extended 242 acres of farm land to strive for a massive cultivation drive to ensure food security and nutrition.
The National Livestock Development Board has identified eight farms in three districts coming under its purview, and has called for a fresh round of bids from local investors to develop those lands to boost crop cultivation. The farm lands will be leased on a short-term basis to encourage crop planting as part of increasing local produce.
The object of the initiative is to maximise the underutilised farm land for yearly crop cultivation of maize, cowpea, undu, green gram, kurakkan, gingerly, meneri, and fruits.
The Daily FT learns that of the 242 acres, 177 acres of farmland of NLDB are from the Kurunegala district, whilst 25 farmland are from the Puttalam district and 20 acres are from the Kalutara district.
“We have identified 30 acres from Siringapatha Farm, 10 acres from Maradawila Farm, 102 acres from Polontalawa Farm, 15 acres from Narangalla Farm, and 20 acres from Galpokuna Farm. All of these are from the Kurunegala District,” a top official told the Daily FT on anonymity. In addition, he said 10 acres from Horakele Farm, and 25 acres from Mawatta Farm in Puttalam district have been identified for the initiative, while 20 acres from Miris Watte Farm in Kalutara have also been included for the cultivation program. He explained that the initiative to encourage crop planting is a part of boosting local production and it will help to ease the food inflation and self-sufficiency in certain crops.
As per the Colombo Consumer Price Index (CCPI), food inflation (YoY) increased to 93.7% in August 2022 from 90.9% in July 2022.
The potential investors can lay the farmland as per their crop cultivation and utilise modern technology to boost efficiency. “The works should be carried out under the supervision and monitoring of the farm officials without causing any disturbances or hindrances to the day-to-day duties of the farm,” he added. He also said that the Government has decided to boost locally produced agricultural products, to prevent any shortages or food insecurity in the economy. The potential international firms are required to send in their proposals before 26 September.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry has become a hotspot for business/investment opportunities given the threat of an impending food crisis in the country. The government of Sri Lanka has conducted several campaigns promoting crop cultivation by the country’s private sector as well as individual citizens. State owned lands have also been released for cultivation to the private sector. Also, there is a growing need for Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry to be on par with the latest technological developments in the country’s agriculture sector. These developments include the providing of technical knowhow, seeds, machinery and good agricultural practices. Given the expansion in Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry, foreign businesses/investors could confidently explore the opportunities in the sector.

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