Sri Lanka’s government engages private sector on measures to boost exports. - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s government engages private sector on measures to boost exports.

Sri Lanka’s government engages private sector on measures to boost exports.

Daily FT: Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sabry has met with private sector to discuss and to expound the opportunities and potential for exporters as well as the challenges that they confront in exporting goods and services of Sri Lanka, amongst others.
Foreign Secretary Ambassador Aruni Wijewardane and other senior officials participated in the discussion at the meeting with Minister Sabry. Presidents, Secretaries General, senior officials and business leaders representing a large number of export oriented organisations and chambers of commerce attended the meeting.
This meeting with the private sector corporates and chambers was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to obtain views, ideas and propositions on the most efficacious courses of action that the Ministry could assist and facilitate the business community to develop their business endeavours and boost exports.
Addressing the gathering, the Foreign Affairs Minister stated that the Ministry is committed to cooperate with the private sector, chambers and to support their business endeavours, thus accruing much needed economic advancement and provide assistance to the export sector of the country.
He assured that all Missions which are under the purview of the Ministry, would assist and facilitate the private and corporate sector in realising their economic and trade objectives and continue to engage professionally with the private sector in connecting them to openings overseas.
Participating organisations and chambers who expressed their views added that the successful conclusion of free trade agreements (FTAs) with key countries should be considered as a priority of the Foreign Ministry at this juncture in order to aggrandise and boost exports. They also expressed that the Government should adopt a well-structured mechanism to address issues arising from negative media coverage, thus enhancing the image and profile of the country.
The meeting was attended by over 20 leading chambers of commerce and export oriented organisations including the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, National Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sri Lanka Exporter’s Association, Tea Traders Association, Sri Lanka Apparel Exports Association and Joint Apparel Association Forum, amongst others.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s manufacturing and exports sectors are two of the fastest growing economic sectors in the country. Both these sectors have shown a steady growth with Sri Lanka’s export industries recording profits. Supported by the many trade agreements and trade concessions enjoyed by the country, Sri Lanka’s exports sector is one of the key revenue generators of the country. It is this reason that local authorities together with stakeholders are exploring ways of further promoting local exports as well as increasing the country’s portfolio through value additions and diversification. All these have resulted in Sri Lanka’s exports sector becoming an attractive and lucrative business/investment opportunity in Sri Lanka. Foreign businesses could also look at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses engaged in the exports sector with the aim of further expansion locally and internationally.

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