Sri Lanka’s David Pieris Motor Company launches Sri Lanka’s first electric taxi service, E-drive - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s David Pieris Motor Company launches Sri Lanka’s first electric taxi service, E-drive

Sri Lanka’s David Pieris Motor Company launches Sri Lanka’s first electric taxi service, E-drive

Ada Derana: Turning a new page in passenger transport, David Pieris Motor Company (Private) Limited, Sri Lanka’s largest automotive company, launched E-drive, a model electric three-wheeler (tuk-tuk) taxi service for public transportation for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Electric vehicles are the future. It is environmentally friendly with zero emissions and helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels. As a country, it will reduce our carbon footprint while saving foreign exchange by reducing the fuel bill. Lower running/ maintenance costs of these vehicles lead to cheaper transport costs, as a direct benefit to the passenger.

E drive which the Company is introducing as a model project not only provides a cheaper means of transport for the public but also ensures safety and a better experience for passengers – with a reduction of noise, and a smoother ride due to reduced vibrations.

With the objective to produce a well-disciplined, professional taxi driver force in the country, the drivers of the E-drive taxi service have been trained not only on how to drive this vehicle but have also received refresher training in road rules and road etiquette. In addition, all vehicles are monitored centrally by the Company. The drivers will be wearing an E-Drive uniform, and their details will be displayed in the vehicle for the customer’s information along with a telephone number to call for any issues or driver feedback.

Commenting on E-Dive, Jayantha Ratnayake, Executive Director, David Pieris Holdings (Private) Limited and David Pieris Automotive Cluster said, “We are proud to be the first Company to obtain approval to register our converted Bajaj Three-wheelers. We want to not only use this platform to allow the public to use this greener, cheaper means of transport but also to ensure passengers get a safer ride with disciplined, trained drivers which we hope will set new standards for three-wheeler taxi services.”

“As the experts of Bajaj vehicles in Sri Lanka, we can confidently guarantee the electric conversion done by the DPMC, Only the correct conversions can ensure safety and comfort for the passenger traveling in the vehicle,” Ratnayake added.

These three-wheelers will initially operate in Colombo and its immediate suburbs. The vehicles can easily be identified due to their unique white and green branding and the service will be available from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s drive towards achieving the sustainable development goals and promoting clean energy has created a host of new business/investment opportunities. The government of Sri Lanka has also adopted a policy of promoting sustainable transportation methods by providing incentives to those purchasing vehicles that do not operate on fossil fuel. Hence, there are opportunities for the promotion of electric vehicles in Sri Lanka while also setting up electric vehicle charging centers island wide. However, the electric charging stations are also being promoted to operate on sustainable energy like renewable energy. Given the expanding economic activities and increasing business opportunities in Sri Lanka, foreign businesses/investors could explore the opportunities in developing sustainable transportation methods and sustainable energy generation methods to support them.

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