Sri Lankan consultancy firm expands to Maldives, Australia and New Zealand - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan consultancy firm expands to Maldives, Australia and New Zealand

Sri Lankan consultancy firm expands to Maldives, Australia and New Zealand

Sri Lankan based Wire Communication Consultancy (WCC) Group has expanded its services to Maldives, Australia and New Zealand as part of its accelerated growth momentum. The Company is engaged in strategic public relations, communications and corporate reputation management services.
With its entry in to a global communication footprint, WCC is expected to further solidify the Company’s presence and fortify its contribution to the strategic communications and reputation management industry.
Wire Communication Consultancy Group Chairman Ashan Kumar has been quoted as saying, “According to research analysts the global communications market is predicted to grow from US$ 500 billion in 2020 to approximately US$ 800 billion by 2026 with an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.9%. Global expansion has been the next step in our growth trajectory and a top priority of our business planning for the past couple of years, and the groundwork for same has been profiled with deep dedication and agile attention. While volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) continue, ‘communication’ remains the common constant in all dynamics.
“Our team is constantly engaged in continuous research and service expansion to best serve our valued clientele while ensuring that our personified service offerings meet demands of time, creating the core purpose of communications, which as we believe is ‘Impact and Action’. We are proud to state that today a local Public Relations Consultancy and Reputation Management ideation is now truly global and the stage is now set for our next generation of communication entrepreneurs whom we define as ‘communipreneurs’.”

OSL take:

Many Sri Lankan companies have expanded their operations to foreign companies indicating the growth and strength of Sri Lanka’s private sector. The business conducive as well as ease of doing business environment in the country along with the strong trade and bilateral ties between Sri Lanka and foreign countries have helped drive Sri Lanka’s private sector along with its expansion. These reasons have helped key economic sectors in the country to record a growth momentum despite the pandemic challenges. Sri Lanka therefore presents an attractive business/investment opportunities.

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