Sri Lanka Tourism discuss launch of an integrated five-year Global Communication Campaign - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Tourism discuss launch of an integrated five-year Global Communication Campaign

Sri Lanka Tourism discuss launch of an integrated five-year Global Communication Campaign

Sri Lanka Tourism has reportedly announced recently that efforts were underway to launch an integrated five-year Global Communication Campaign (GCC) and that the deadline for submission of bids has been extended upon request.
All interested parties have been requested to submit their bid proposals following the guidelines stipulated in relevant bidding documents for the three tenders published and as requested by the prospective bidders present at the pre-bid meeting held on 24 February, an extension was considered for the submission of bids as follows: Digital Agency – submission of bids extended till 18 March; Creative Agency – submission of bids extended till 23 March, and Campaign Development and Management Unit (CMU) – submission of bids extended till 31 March, the Daily FT reported last week.
Subsequently, the selection process will be carried out, and the awarding of contracts is expected by end of June, Sri Lanka Tourism has stated.
It has said that an integrated global communication campaign is a dream the tourism industry of Sri Lanka had always had but was not able to materialise due to many reasons, such as financial barriers, bureaucratic obstacles, lack of competency and the strategic drive to initiate the project.

However, despite all these hindering factors and barriers, Sri Lanka Tourism has taken a bold step in materialising the long-awaited ‘Global Communication Campaign’ for Sri Lanka, the media report has further noted.
The new normal has made it mandatory for Sri Lanka to launch this campaign to remain competitive in the global tourism market and to capitalise on the first mover advantage of the ‘innovative’ re-opening model adopted by the country, which has been hailed internationally, the report has stated.
The news of the launch of the five-year ‘Global Communication Campaign’ has been taken very well by the industry and is a key milestone and delivery for the government of Sri Lanka.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry was one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the country when the global Covid 19 pandemic affected global travel. However, with Sri Lanka reopening its borders in January this year, the country’s tourism industry is once again back on track. Sri Lanka has been listed as a must visit destination by several leading global travel publications and has received the safety and hygienic certification making the island an attractive travel destination in post Covid 19 travel. All this has resulted in the expansion of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. With the number of international airlines operating flights to the country seeing a steady increase, foreigners travelling to the island have shown an increase. With the proposed tourism promotional campaign, Sri Lanka will receive a further boost to the country’s tourism industry. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

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