Sri Lanka to position as a global cyber security hub through Cyber security Centre of Excellence
Sri Lanka to position as a global cyber security hub through Cyber security Centre of Excellence

Sri Lanka to position as a global cyber security hub through Cyber security Centre of Excellence

The Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM), which is the country’s sole knowledge and innovation chamber, has reportedly launched the Cyber security Centre of Excellence (CSCx), with the aim of positioning Sri Lanka as a global cyber security hub.
According to local media reports, SLASSCOM which has been forging ahead as the catalyst of growth for the Sri Lankan IT and BPM industry, believes CSCx can play a dominant role towards achieving an impressive goal of US$ 500 million in export revenue by 2025, by positioning Sri Lanka as a cyber security hub, while also looking at producing 10,000 to 20,000 new cyber security professionals to cater to the global demand for cyber security products and services. 
The new initiative is set to align well with SLASSCOM’s vision of achieving an export revenue value of US$ 5 billion by 2025 along with the creation of 200,000 new jobs in the IT industry and 1,000 new start-ups. 
The launch of CSCx also comes at a crucial time following COVID-19, which has resulted in an increase in cyber-attacks following a larger number of people working from home, while many businesses embrace digital platforms, resulting in cyber security being at an all-time high priority globally, a news report in the Daily FT stated. 
SLASSCOM Chairman Channa Manoharan has stated that he beleved Sri Lanka has a huge potential to be a global player in cyber security offerings.

He has reportedly said that SLASSCOM’s ultimate aim is to position Sri Lanka as a high-end niche player as the country has a good opportunity to leverage and penetrate the cyber security market, based on the exceptional ingrown talent available in the country. “Further, through the launch of the CSCx, we are also accelerating our journey of becoming a cyber security hub,” he has added. 
The CSCx comes under SLASSCOM’s Technology Forum, which is being headed by SLASSCOM’s Board Director Nuwan Perera, who serves as the incumbent Vice President Commerce at IFS and stakes claim in contributing towards creating a vibrant technology ecosystem in Sri Lanka. 
According to Perera, SLASSCOM’s Technology Forum tackles key aspects of the IT industry including elevating the technical capability of the technical community, establishing best practices and planning future technology needs in the industry and the country.

“Our focus on this all-important topic of Cyber security is a key step in showcasing and building capabilities of our workforce and companies related to Cyber security,” he has been quoted as saying. 
According to the Daily FT report, with a goal aimed at creating a highly competent talent pool of cyber security experts, SLASSCOM’s CSCx has already laid the groundwork by working closely with government and private universities to offer recognised cyber security qualifications in the country.

SLASSCOM’s aim is to increase the number of cyber security experts in Sri Lanka to at least 10,000 to 20,000 professionals within the next three to five years.  
SLASSCOM is also optimistic that it can leverage from the global cyber security market which at present is valued at US$ 173 billion, and is expected to grow to US$ 270 billion by 2026 of which 77% of Cyber security spending will be for externally managed security services by 2026. 

OSL take:

Sri Lanka is in the process of harnessing its potential as an ICT and digital infrastructure development hub in South Asia. Sri Lankan authorities have also paid much attention to the fact that the country boasts of a high digital literacy rate in the region. The government of Sri Lanka has also offered many facilities and incentives to businesses engaged in ICT and digital infrastructure development. Foreign businesses/investors could explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s ICT/digital infrastructure sectors. 

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