Sri Lanka Telecom-MOBITEL debuts ‘Traverse’ – Sri Lanka’s first Virtual City. - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Telecom-MOBITEL debuts ‘Traverse’ – Sri Lanka’s first Virtual City.

Sri Lanka Telecom-MOBITEL debuts ‘Traverse’ – Sri Lanka’s first Virtual City.

Ada Derana: Recognising the strategic value of leveraging disruptive technologies and harnessing service offerings from a diverse supplier base, SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider debuted ‘Traverse’, Sri Lanka’s first Virtual City at the ‘Wyawasaya-2022’ Trade and Educational Exhibition held recently. Fashioned as a city of the future, Traverse will function integrating physical and digital experiences, operating in the metaverse with matchless potential for global and borderless collaboration. ‘Traverse’ aims to provide remarkable opportunities for growth and a platform for innovation while helping Sri Lankan businesses to increase their relevance and value in the fast-expanding digital economy. The rapid evolution of emerging and exciting technologies such as virtual reality, virtual marketplaces, digital assets and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs is providing an effective platform to deliver unique consumer experiences and drive local economic growth.

‘Traverse’ will include a shopping complex, Banks, Virtual exhibition Centre, Film Hall, Gaming zone, Government e-counters, Art gallery, etc. Business owners can purchase or rent business assets from the categories available in the virtual marketspace based on their requirements. Adding greater value for the local business community, the Virtual City will help businesses unlock strategic partnerships and boost profitability through untapped revenue streams. Moreover, local businesses will be able to reach global audiences through cost-effective, scalable, and measurable techniques that require low investment and reduced maintenance costs. An added advantage of the Virtual City is creating a global marketplace for Sri Lankan products and services.

Recognised as a true differentiator steering digital transformation, SLT-MOBITEL is driving the country’s first experience of a virtual city by creating a crowded environment. Benefits include long-lasting exposure to an expansive market, facilitating real-time conversation using webinars and live chats, easy access on all platforms, flexibility to promote offerings together with access to trending analytics. Unveiling the Virtual City, highlights SLT-MOBITEL’s role as an agile, innovative and digital-first provider of services, creating a dynamic roadmap with disruptive technologies driving the country’s first virtual marketplace forward. SLT-MOBITEL invites stakeholders to collaborate and partner in this unique virtual space.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors have become the fastest growing industries in the country opening up many business/investment opportunities. With the country looking at transforming into an e-economy, there is an urgent need for the expansion of existing digital platforms while developing new ones. As the country is working towards positioning Sri Lanka as an emerging business destination in the South Asian region, investments in the country’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors would definitely guarantee impressive returns. The government of Sri Lanka has also introduced many incentives for foreign businesses/investors looking at investing in the country’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors. The impressive growth and profits recorded by local companies in the field is a clear indication of the growing business potential in these sectors. 

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