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Sri Lanka to set up vessel monitoring system for multi day fishing

Sri Lanka to set up vessel monitoring system for multi day fishing

The government of Sri Lanka has decided to establish a vessel monitoring system, which will be funded through an Australian grant funding, to be operated in line with local and international legal requirements.
A statement issued by Sri Lanka’s Government Information Department has stated that in terms of the accord proposal 15/03 of Indian Ocean’s Tuna Commission, it is essential that the location of multi-day fishing vessels in the ocean be identified, search and rescue operations during disasters be implemented, and a vessel observation system be established to control illegal and informal fisheries activities carried out across naval routes utilising multi-day fishing vessels.
According to the statement, in 2015, a vessel observation system was established utilising satellite technology for 1,250 multiday fishing vessels, registered under the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.
Apart from those vessels, according to the new proposal, the necessary equipment will be affixed to another 4,200 such multi-day fishing vessels, local reports have further stated.
The Cabinet of Ministers had reportedly granted approval to the resolution submitted by Sri Lanka’s Minister of Fisheries, which had called for taking necessary actions for affixing the said vessel observation system across a procurement process conducted by the International Organization on Migrants and utilising a grant of AUD 5.38 million from the Home Affairs Department of Australia.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka being an island surrounded by the Indian ocean is focussed on harnessing the full potential of the local fisheries industry. Authorities are looking at improving and developing the existing fishing methods in the country to ensure a good catch. Sri Lanka is looking at upgrading its equipment as well as technological gear required to taking the country’s fisheries industry to the next level. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry.

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