Sri Lanka looks at unveiling eco-friendly food packing techniques to local market
Sri Lanka looks at unveiling eco-friendly food packing techniques to local market

Sri Lanka looks at unveiling eco-friendly food packing techniques to local market

The government of Sri Lanka is looking at unveiling eco-friendly food packing modules to the local consumer market which in turn will also benefit banana farmers very much, local media reports stated.

According to media reports, the food packaging including eco-friendly yoghurt cups that have been produced using the stem of the banana tree was invented under an experimental basis by the Eco-ma Packaging Pvt Ltd.

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Industries, Wimal Weerawansa has decided during a recent discussion to provide the necessary support to the Chairman and Inventor, Eco-Ma Packaging Pvt Ltd, Menaka Ariyarathne to introduce the products to the consumer market within a short term.

It would therefore be possible to provide eco-friendly and health-friendly food packaging including yoghurt cups to the local consumers and further development would enable them to export the product to the international market as well.

“We have been producing a lot of food packaging using banana stems which are discarded by the farmers after harvesting. This would allow the farmers to value the stem of the banana tree,” Chairman and Inventor, Eco-ma Packaging Pvt Ltd, Ariyarathne has been quoted as saying in the local media. The programme would therefore provide the farmers with an income not solely based on the fruit while promoting the banana farming.

Producing Food packaging using the banana stem will reduce the production and usage of plastic food packaging thereby reducing the amount of plastic wastage getting collected to the environment.

According to Ariyarathne, monthly more than 100,000 of plastic cups are produced and the banana stem-based eco-friendly yoghurt cups were designed to reduce the pollution to the environment.

“Apart from that, we have come up with eco-friendly alternatives for other food packaging which are also based on the banana stem,” he has added.

OSL take:

Eco friendly food packaging is a new business venture that seems to have a global appeal. The products that are to be marketed to the loc consumers could also be further developed and exported to foreign markets as well. Therefore, the eco packaging system shows a potential business/investment opportunity to the discerning investor. 

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