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Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology to commercialize post-harvest technology

Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology to commercialize post-harvest technology

The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology Ltd. (SLINTEC) has formulated a post-harvest technology that scavenges the ethylene hormone that causes fruit and vegetable ripening.
This new innovation by SLINTEC is expected to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables that would allow longer storage preventing spoilage.
According to local media reports, the annual loss of fruits during postharvest operation represents about 210,000 metric tons of fruits, which is about 30-40 % of the harvest. The annual loss of vegetables during post-harvest operations has been estimated at around 370,000 metric tons, which is about 20-40% of the total harvest. This is approximately a loss of more than US$ 150 million.
However, the new technology that absorbs ethylene and moisture will enable the extension of the storage life of fruits and vegetables.
It is in this backdrop that SLINTEC had entered into a technology commercialization partnership agreement with WITCO to commercialize the new post-harvest innovation.
The agreement was signed at SLINTEC Nanotechnology and Science Park premises.
SLINTEC is a nano and advanced technology research and development (R&D) centre in Sri Lanka set up by the Sri Lankan government along with private sector partners. SLINTEC is the first public-private research institute in the country. SLINTEC offers a number of science and technology based innovative products and services to clients.
Wakkumbura Industrial Technology Company Ltd. (WITCO) is one of the leading distributors of world-renowned brands of specialty chemicals to the textile, industrial solutions, polymer, and home and personal care industries in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka is in the process of developing and uplifting the country’s technology industry. Given Sri Lanka’s ongoing development programme along with the island emerging as a business hub in the South Asian region, the country’s technology industry has posed many business/investment opportunities. With the steady growth of the country’s economy despite facing challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic, Sri Lanka offers many business/investment opportunities in the technology industry. The government of Sri Lanka is committed to developing this area and has offered many incentives to businesses/investors interested in investing in the industry.

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