Sri Lanka initiates discussion on ‘Finding a Market for Agri Products in EU’ - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka initiates discussion on ‘Finding a Market for Agri Products in EU’

Sri Lanka initiates discussion on ‘Finding a Market for Agri Products in EU’

Sri Lanka’s Embassy in Germany in collaboration with the Import Promotion Desk of Germany and Export Development Board (EDB) of Sri Lanka has recently organized a webinar on ‘Finding a Market for Agri Products in EU.
Special focus during the webinar had been placed on organic markets and over 200 participants across large to SME Agri sector exporters had participated in the webinar.
The webinar in July was a follow up to the webinar held in June on ‘Market Trends in EU in Agri Products Sector,’ which was a success.
Kicking off the webinar, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Germany Manori Unambuwe has outlined the importance of market intelligence and the need to adopt research methodology, techniques and tools to gain insights, in finding the right buyer for tangible outcomes.
Ambassador Unambuwe has noted that the policy decision of Sri Lanka’s President to transform Sri Lanka into a fully organic nation will add special impetus to the country’s long-standing and consistent record as a reliable trading partner in the supply of high-quality agri products to the EU markets.
Keynote Speaker Gustavo Ferro, an expert in developing market intelligence for business promotion and sustainable trade, has explained how to conduct a proper market research using different techniques and tools, to identify potential buyers.
Ferro has also shared his expertise on novel concepts, in gaining market intelligence and explained how actionable insights would help to map out the supply chain and target the right market access points for exporters.
Expert Sourcing and Markets of the Import Promotion Desk of Berlin Angi Martinez has then presented an overview of its activities to support Sri Lanka and Additional Director General, Development of the EDB Malani Baddegamage has expressed views during the closing remarks.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka is currently engaged in exploring ways to fully utilize the benefits of the many trade agreements and trade concessions enjoyed by the country. Local agriculture authorities are looking at ways to boost agri exports to the EU, especially under the EU’s GSP Plus trade concessions enjoyed by Sri Lanka. With the country adopting good agricultural practices (GAP) and the transformation into an organic cultivation programme, Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry is fast expanding while opening up many business/investment opportunities. Given Sri Lanka’s strong trade ties, foreign businesses could confidently explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry.

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