Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Authority pushes industry with unique ‘Sri Lanka Sapphire’ experience - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Authority pushes industry with unique ‘Sri Lanka Sapphire’ experience

Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Authority pushes industry with unique ‘Sri Lanka Sapphire’ experience

Daily FT: The Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA) is gearing to create a unique ‘Sri Lanka Sapphire’ experience to boost sales globally as well as to visiting tourists locally.
SLGJA Vice Chairman Jewellery Segment Akram Cassim said that the jewellery industry has the potential of being one of the largest foreign exchange earners for the country. The industry also has the scope to generate more employment by adding more value to every tourist visiting the country, he added.
“We all need to work together to create an amazing ‘Sapphire Experience’ for tourists visiting this Island by romanticising, and by adding some sparkle to gems and jewellery featured in tourism promotions we can aim to position Sri Lanka as the Jewel of Asia,” Cassim said.
He said that the Sri Lankan jewellery industry has a competitive edge on many fronts; not only is it the source country for an array of gemstones, the industry’s manufacturing process has made great strides over the years and has positioned itself well as a competitive supplier for high-end niche jewellery. Most significantly Sri Lanka has one of the most unique traits that no other country has to offer – it is the home of the ‘Ceylon Sapphire’.
“As we are in 2022 now, the jewellery industry focuses on creating a unique ‘Sri Lanka Sapphire experience’ aiming to highlight the uniqueness of Sri Lankan sapphires – from its rich history, amazing variety and exceptional colour of sapphires found in the country,” Akram explained.
He said the jewellery sector of SLGJA aims to place Sri Lanka as a prime destination for sapphires and sapphire studded jewellery, along with Sri Lanka tourism.
SLGJA plans to start 2022 with the launch of an exciting jewellery calendar highlighting a variety of promotions and festivals, where both jewellery and gems will be promoted in a variety of innovative and exciting events. The jewellery sector looks forward to encouraging young design talent to contribute to the industry. A jewellery design festival will showcase a variety of talent from design and art schools who will create some unique themes for the trade. Other initiatives planned include a jewellery linked charity event to support a worthy cause and turn focus towards developing the online shopping experience for jewellery both locally and internationally.
SLGJA said the Sri Lankan jewellery industry had historical significance spanning over 3,000 years. The country›s precious gems and ornate jewellery were amongst the oldest items traded over the years. Renowned for its sapphires, these precious stones have adorned some of the world’s most famous jewellery pieces and have found their way to museums around the world. The significance of the jewellery industry to Sri Lanka is great; without the jewellery industry no value addition would be possible for one of Sri Lanka’s foremost natural resources, the gemstone.
“Sri Lanka is famously known as ‘Ratnadeepa’ – the island of gems – due to the large variety and richness of gemstones this island produces, however, along with the island›s talented designers and artists we could also be famously known as the island of exceptionally crafted jewellery. Sri Lankan jewellery designs were historically recognised for their richness and intricate designs, with our designers having a variety of local skills that are especially unique to the island.”

OSL take:

Sri Lanka has been synonymous with gem and jewellery for centuries and boasts of a proud history where the industry is concerned. Gems of Ceylon are still seen in iconic pieces of jewellery around the world, including in royal households. Local gem and jewellery authorities are engaged in many promotional campaigns to further boost the local industry in foreign markets. Sri Lankan gems continue to fetch high prices in the international market while also been recognised for their high quality. Sri Lanka’s gem and jewellery industry continues on its steady growth path while also been supported by the many trade agreements as well as concessions enjoyed by the country. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore confidently explore the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s gem and jewellery industry.

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