Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Singhagiri and EWIS break boundaries with launch of first-ever Sri Lanka-manufactured TV.
Singhagiri and EWIS break boundaries with launch of first-ever Sri Lanka-manufactured TV.

Singhagiri and EWIS break boundaries with launch of first-ever Sri Lanka-manufactured TV.

Daily FT: Leading Consumer Electronics Retailer, Singhagiri Ltd., together with Sri Lanka’s first-ever original device/equipment manufacturer, EWIS Colombo Ltd. (ECL), last week launched SGL android smart TV.
The breakthrough marks the fruition of an agreement signed in March 2022 authorising ECL to produce TVs under the Singhagiri banner.
The EWIS factory in Sooriyawewa completed the manufacture of the first batch of android smart TVs recently. The TV bearing Singhagiri’s flagship brand SGL, is available at all Singhagiri showrooms with a comprehensive SGL and EWIS warranty. The TVs come with essential local and international apps such as Teams, Zoom and more.
The partnership agreement entered into last year by Singhagiri CEO Maheshi Anandasiri and ECL Chairman Sanjeewa Wickramanayake marked a breakthrough in Sri Lankan manufacturing history as the first initiative taken to revitalise the country’s lagging economy while improving the prospects for local industry.
The monumental project is expected to empower the local workforce while promising the Sri Lankan consumer a locally manufactured high-quality product.
Singhagiri and EWIS hope that this bold step to manufacture and assemble quality televisions, using locally sourced material, would validate the ‘made in Sri Lanka’ tag. The competitively priced SGL TV presents an ideal homegrown alternative to local consumers deprived of the privilege of imported electronic and electrical goods.

OSL take:

The expanding economic activities in Sri Lanka have increased the need to develop the country’s industries sector to meet the growing demand. Sri Lanka’s target of becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region would result in the expansion of the country’s industrial, manufacturing and exports sectors. The latest development in the field of electronics by a Sri Lankan collaboration is indicative of the skills and expertise of the local workforce. This could help in the setting up of electronics manufacturing sector. The many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country and the business conducive environment being promoted by Sri Lankan authorities present an attractive destination for foreign businesses/investors to set up manufacturing facilities and Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean would help with the distribution network in the region. Foreign businesses/investors could explore the expanding opportunities in Sri Lanka’s industrial sector, especially in the manufacture of electronics. They could also for partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses to develop and expand operations within Sri Lanka as well as in the region.

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