Singapore’s Go Bungy and Colombo Lotus Tower to attract 10,000 bungee jumpers annually - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Singapore’s Go Bungy and Colombo Lotus Tower to attract 10,000 bungee jumpers annually

Singapore’s Go Bungy and Colombo Lotus Tower to attract 10,000 bungee jumpers annually

The Morning: The renowned entertainment company, the Singapore based Go Bungy has signed an agreement with the Colombo Lotus Tower expecting to attract over 10,000 bungee jumpers annually to Sri Lanka.
Speaking to The Daily Morning Business, Lotus Tower Head of management Major General (Rtd.) Prasad Samarasinghe said: “The bungee team visited Sri Lanka last week. Although they intended to begin by this August, they had to postpone since the sky ramp needed to be repaired and they will begin by the end of this year. Moreover, they are planning to bring down 10,000 foreigners per annum and they have about 50,000 jumpers all over the world, with Bungee Japan, Bungee Nepal, Bungee Canada who have signed the agreements with Go Bungy.”
In 2022, The Colombo Lotus Tower and the Singapore-based Go Bungy signed a contract to start bungee jumping from the 350-metre-high Colombo Lotus Tower on January 1, 2023.
Moreover, the Lotus Tower anticipates opening the revolving restaurant, the pub and the bars by October this year with the intention of making, “Lotus Tower the hub for entertainment.”
They are also in the process of upgrading its facilities and expanding the number of outlets to gain more attraction from both locals and internationals, currently about 150 foreigners visiting the tower per day and they celebrated 1 million both local and international visitors on 27 July.
The tower is divided into three sections, with the top section including two function halls, a revolving restaurant, and a restaurant 187, which is located in the 187th meter of the tower.
The second floor is entirely dedicated for entertainment. The first floor is primarily for the tech stream, gaming and sports. The ground floor comprises a food court, a souvenir shop, ice cream parlor, plus, a Dubai based ice cream parlor is just about to start.
“We called for international bidders for the entertainment sector and we have received Indian, Singaporean and Chinese companies and already signed agreements with India,” Samarasinghe said.
In the near future, Lotus Tower will be home to new projects including a Ferris wheel, a mega zipline, a kids play zone where they have already ordered various play equipment from China, as well as daily exciting events.
According to Maj. Gen. Samarasinghe, the money that Lotus Tower has earned has been used to fund the present developments and management of the tower. About 200 million rupees were spent on opex, 300 million rupees on the apex, and about 300 million rupees on infrastructure development. In addition, the daily expenditure operating the Lotus Tower ranges from 1 to 1.2 million rupees depending on the needs. In addition, the Lotus Tower maintains several fixed deposits as well.

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