Scalefusion takes mobile device management to the next level in Sri Lanka - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Scalefusion takes mobile device management to the next level in Sri Lanka

Scalefusion takes mobile device management to the next level in Sri Lanka

Orin Corporation Ltd., a subsidiary of SAT (South Asian Technologies) Ltd., was recently named the official distributor of Scalefusion, a leading mobile device and endpoint management software, in Sri Lanka with the aim of helping businesses secure and manage their device fleets.

The need for software like Scalefusion has grown heavily over the recent past as more companies have begun to rely on devices, digitalisation, and remote work in order to keep up with the changing landscape catalysed by the pandemic. Device management can be complex and difficult to handle, especially for businesses with diverse mobile devices with different operating systems and ownership models.
“Device administration may be difficult and time-consuming. Provisioning, administration, and security for enterprises deploying a variety of mobile devices with multiple operating systems and ownership types takes many IT hours. Scalefusion makes it easier to see what’s going on and simplifies IT management across all these devices. We are thrilled to be appointed as the distributor for Scalefusion MDM in the Sri Lankan market,” said Orin Corporation CEO Ashan Mudalige.
Speaking on the accolades received, Scalefusion CEO Harishankar Kannan said: “Being acknowledged by G2 as one of the leading Mobile Device Management solutions and High Performer in Unified Endpoint Management has certainly added value to our credibility and we feel humbled yet motivated to improve our performance and offerings further and expanding it to Sri Lankan market.”
Scalefusion enables to secure and manage company-owned devices, and can easily turn any device into a single or multi-app kiosk so that applications that are assigned to that device are the only ones that can be utilised. Scalefusion streamlines IT controls across these devices whilst offering visibility.
Since its launch in 2015 by ProMobi Technologies, ambitious companies around the world have trusted Scalefusion MDM to secure and manage endpoints, such as smartphones, POS, rugged devices, tablets, laptops, and digital signage. Its mission is to make Mobile Device Management (MDM) simple and effortless while providing world-class customer support.
The software is a 360-degree, cloud-based MDM solution for the monitoring and securing of your device fleet that not only enables users to control their company’s devices, but also allows other functions, like making certain settings inaccessible so that the devices may not be tampered with, preventing unauthorised individuals from changing device settings, and installing unapproved apps, etc.

OSL take:

The growing demand and expanding economy in the country has presented many business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors. The increasing demand for the development and expansion of digital platforms in  the country have presented many lucrative business opportunities. Local businesses engaged in the ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors have recorded growth and profits despite the country facing a series of challenges in the past few years. Given the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors, foreign businesses/investors could explore opportunities in these areas while also looking at the possibility of forming partnerships with local businesses for expansion in the market.

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