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NIBM’s National Innovation Centre to provide innovative learning

NIBM’s National Innovation Centre to provide innovative learning

In a bid to solve Sri Lanka’s archaic and generic learning culture the Institute of Business Management (NIBM) together with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia intends to establish the National Innovation Centre (NIC). It will impart knowledge in a futuristic manner incorporating “… modern technology, innovation and creativity” in order to gear the coming generation to tackle complex challenges in a dynamically enterprising way.
“Located in the heart of Colombo, NIC is a national resource centre that will offer a host of programmes to groom a new generation of full-fledged graduates armed with the highly sought after skills. Students can choose from a range of programmes that include multimedia, fashion, design, architecture, communication, journalism, sound and music and Information Technology. The institute will deliver globally acclaimed professional knowledge and qualifications in addition to helping the students develop core competencies to become creative and commercially astute,” said Vice President Brand Creativity and Talent Development of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie.
“Not only has innovation moved to centre-stage in economic policy making, but there is a realisation that a co-ordinated, coherent, whole-of-government approach is required. We almost always by-heart notes to pass exams and collect certificates and this sends the wrong signals to both children and their parents. Those with ‘highest scores’ may not be the most creative,” said Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister, Chandima Weerakkody.
He noted that in Sri Lanka more parents are generally willing to provide their children with the best and most innovative education available whatever their socio-economic background may be, adding that the NIC may help rectify Sri Lanka’s conventionally archaic memorise and regurgitate method that has been religiously followed over the past several decades.
“As Sri Lanka’s creative institution sector, NIC will adopt most modern teaching methodologies to create independent and versatile professionals equipped with up-to-date knowledge. Creativity and innovation are two of the most crucial competencies currently in demand in the job market. The partnership between NIBM and Malaysia’s Limkokwing University will not only bring in the finest pedagogy of the two countries through the NIC, but also generate a host of new avenues for the creative and technology savvy professionals,” he stated.
“Creativity plays an increasingly essential role in this rapidly changing world and the NIC will produce full-fledged graduates with the capacity to drive their own ventures. We live in a world ruled by digital technology, industry empowerment and market demands. They (young people) will create new jobs instead of seeking for existing ones. They will take risks and create wealth while performing as productive global citizens,” said the Director General of NIBM, Dr. D.M.A. Kulasooriya.
“The world today is divided into two groups of nations – those with the capacity to innovate and those without. Countries that practice innovation progress and become richer, while those who don’t, regress and become poorer,”said Lim.
NIC is expected to be inaugurated on October 20, 2017.


As stated by Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister, Chandima Weerakkody, many Sri Lankan parents are willing to go to great lengths to provide a quality education for their child. As such, institutes that will introduce modern learning techniques that will gear a child to face the challenges posed by a modern workplace with technologically and socially challenging environment stand to greatly benefit from this.

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