“Mastering” Sri Lankan craft for the EU market - Opportunity Sri Lanka
“Mastering” Sri Lankan craft for the EU market

“Mastering” Sri Lankan craft for the EU market

Ada Derana Business: After a year of research of the fashion, handloom and batik sectors in Sri Lanka, the Cultural Relations Platform announces a pilot training, as a form of “master class/experience” of European and Sri Lankan creatives coming together to master their craft and creativity.
The pilot training stems from the conclusions of the research that highlight the need to support and harness the creative community of Sri Lanka that already work and engage with the traditional and living crafts. The pilot training was guided by Robert Meeder, a professor of practice and was also seen as an opportunity to allow participants to network and share insights and experiences that work towards a collaborative creative community.
Content contributors, on the other hand, came from the pool of EU research participants with a Sri Lankan shared heritage, such as the UK/EU designer Ranura Edirisinghe (currently a textile designer at Burberry) and the Italian designer Andrea Brocca Senanayake, the world’s youngest couture designer. Both of whom share an additional personal connection with Sri Lanka; Ranura was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in the UK and Andrea is half Italian and Sri Lankan and grew up living between Italy and the Middle East.
For the pilot training, a combination of Sri Lankan companies who have participated in the research project (Barefoot, Kantala, Selyn) were invited to nominate “young creative” staff to participate along with additional freelance designers.
The activity also created an opportunity through a virtual/digital platform for permanent sharing, networking, and supporting the growth of young Sri Lanka talents. “Mastering” Sri Lankan craft for EU market” was implemented, coordinated and facilitated by the Cultural Relations Platform for the EU Delegation in Sri Lanka.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s apparel exports are a key revenue generator of the country and the fashion industry is now an upcoming business/investment opportunity. While the country’s apparel exports have greatly benefited from the many trade agreements as well as concessions enjoyed by the country, they could also be used for the promotion of locally created fashion. Sri Lanka already holds a Fashion Week where young and new designers present their talent on the catwalk. This is an emerging business/investment opportunity that could flourish with the use of trade agreements enjoyed by the country. Foreign businesses/investors could explore the opportunities in the emerging fashion industry in Sri Lanka.

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