Land plots in Kalpitiya for Tourism Promotion - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Land plots in Kalpitiya for Tourism Promotion

Land plots in Kalpitiya for Tourism Promotion

Sri Lanka is aiming to become a tourist hub and the government is planning to achieve a target of 4.5 million tourist arrivals by the year 2020. The number of tourist arrivals have increased in recent years and to support further tourist arrivals Sri Lankan government has engaged in a number of projects that will foster and support a thriving tourism industry.
One of the Sri Lankan government’s primary initiatives in supporting tourist arrivals is to establish the relevant infrastructure which includes hotel facilities and recreational facilities in key areas of the island. The government on multiple occasions has indicated that the objective is to have up to 80,000 rooms to accommodate an ever-growing demand by 2020.
One of the key regions the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority has identified as a potential tourism attraction is the Kalpitya region, which provides ample picturesque views alongside a sea front and is also a marine sanctuary. The region is home to multiple marine lives such as dolphins, whales, turtles and even dugongs. Kalpitiya which is situated in the Puttalam district is also very close to prominent sanctuaries, Dutch fort, Anuradhapura and many more tourist attractions.
SLTDA has initiated a massive scale development project in the Kalpitiya area under the name, Kalpitiya Dutch Bay resort, which signals the scale of the commitment the government is undertaking to revitalize the area as tourist attraction.
The allocation of five plots of lands totaling to a number of 56.35 acres is further testament to the undertaking of the government in developing the area. The proposal came from the Prime Minister, Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, who is also the Minister for National Policies and Economic Affairs. It was his view that Kalpitiya is already a tourist attraction and if there were adequate facilities the number of tourists would be higher.


Tourism in the Kalpitiya area possesses significant growth potential due to a number of factors. It has always had an attraction due to its location providing easier access to many tourist sites and in particular due to the marine life which exists in the region. However, it was hampered without required facilities being non-available or available only in limited capacity which resulted in low retention of tourists.
However, with the proposed development projects by the SLTDA has the potential to transform the region in providing ample facilities and provide great value to investors who would be willing to invest in the region as this is a flagship project for the SLTDA and therefore would undoubtedly be a region that is under government focus.
Relative low cost of land and expected high levels of tourist visits has the potential to lift Kalpitiya as one of the top destination in the island and provide a return of Investment at a higher rate.

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