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Construction and Infrastructure

Sector Overview

Sri Lanka has been carrying out a number of both large scale and medium scale construction projects in line with governments’ development plans. The construction sector has also been a very active field, showing strong growth of 20.2% in 2014 which is a large improvement on the 14.4% growth showing on 2013.

Construction Industry of Sri Lanka consists of the following sectors;

  • Building Construction
  • Highway Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Water Supply & Drainage
  • Irrigation & Land Drainage
  • Dredging & Reclamation
  • Other Constructions

The sector has been driven largely by the focus of rebuilding infrastructure after the 3 decade long war and as well in line with efforts of modernizing the Sri Lankan economy. Within the construction sector itself, the public driven construction projects has formed the bulk of the contribution towards the massive growth especially in projects such as road building, port and airport development and various housing projects.
Construction sector has provided employment for over 7.5% of the total employed population which amounts to nearly 700,000 workers.

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