Kapruka expands cross-border e-commerce to Amazon UK and Walmart.com - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Kapruka expands cross-border e-commerce to Amazon UK and Walmart.com

Kapruka expands cross-border e-commerce to Amazon UK and Walmart.com

Daily FT: Kapruka, Sri Lanka’s first and largest locally-owned e-commerce enterprise, has taken a significant stride in its global expansion efforts by extending its cross-border operations to Amazon UK and Walmart.com.
Having initially established a strong presence as Amazon USA, Kapruka has created a substantial impact in the market. Building upon this success, Kapruka is now expanding its operations to Amazon UK and Walmart.com, further solidifying its brand presence and enabling Sri Lankan businesses to reach an even wider international customer base. Link Naturals serves as the catalyst for Kapruka’s expansion to Amazon UK and Walmart.com, with plans to further expand their brand portfolio in the near future. This collaboration positions Kapruka as a key player in connecting Sri Lankan businesses with global consumers, while emphasising their commitment to expanding the range of brands available on these renowned e-commerce platforms.
Kapruka’s cross-border e-commerce platform focuses on featuring high-quality Sri Lankan products, reflecting the nation’s rich heritage and diverse offerings. With an established reputation as Amazon USA’s master seller in Sri Lanka, Kapruka has enabled local producers to reach customers worldwide through Amazon.com. Building on this success, Kapruka has expanded its operations to include Amazon UK and Walmart.com, tapping into new markets and further amplifying the global presence of Sri Lankan brands.
“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our cross-border e-commerce operations to Amazon UK and Walmart.com,” stated Kapruka Chairman and CEO Dulith Herath. “Our aim is to showcase the exceptional products Sri Lanka has to offer and create opportunities for local businesses to thrive on a global scale. We are proud to represent Sri Lankan brands like Dilmah, Link Naturals and Akbar and bring their products to international customers.”
As a master seller on Amazon USA, Kapruka facilitates the seamless logistics required for global operations. From its global office, Kapruka manages the inventory and dispatches stocks catering to overseas customers to Amazon USA fulfilment centres. This streamlined process ensures efficient delivery and customer satisfaction. In addition to its robust operational capabilities, Kapruka boasts warehousing facilities in both the USA and the UK. These facilities are scalable to accommodate a large number of brands, enabling Kapruka to efficiently manage inventory and ensure timely delivery to customers across different regions. This strategic infrastructure strengthens Kapruka’s ability to handle increased demand and support the growth of Sri Lankan brands on global platforms.

OSL take:

The growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s e-commerce business is evident by the expansion of the local business entity – Kapruka. The country’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors are fast expanding ones with many business/investment opportunities in the making. The Sri Lankan government’s commitment to transform the economy into an e-economy and the incentives offered to the sector have further boosted the business/investment opportunities in the ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors. Following the global pandemic and the economic crisis that followed it, there has been a great demand for e-commerce. Sri Lanka’s target of becoming an emerging business destination in South Asia has also given an impetus to the industry. Foreign businesses/investors in the industry could explore the opportunities in Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors while also looking at the possibility of forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses engaged in the industry. The growth and profits recorded by the local businesses in the sector including start-ups is indicative of the increasing business potential in Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors.

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