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JAT Property sets up rainwater harvesting apartment complex

JAT Property sets up rainwater harvesting apartment complex

According to JAT Holdings, a Sri Lankan distributor of wall and wood coatings, it has commenced constructing an apartment complex comprised of 52 units in Nugegoda, containing rainwater harvesting and electric car charging ports.
Priced at LKR 22,875 per perch the apartment complex comprises of apartment units ranging from 900 sqft units priced at around LKR 20.5 million to 1,475 sqft units priced at LKR 33.7 million.
The property is situated at Pagoda Road and on the 52-perch land 3-floors of parking inclusive of the basement and nine floors housing the apartment units will be constructed.
Parking slots will have charging ports for electrical vehicles. Harvested rainwater will be used for washing cars and irrigating plants and grass.¹
Named “96 Residencies”, the apartment complex was designed by IWA architects with Nawaloka Construction handling the building of the project which is expected to be completed within one and a half years.


Apartments with such environmentally friendly features will have a high demand and developers may soon turn towards such design features. This will open up new avenues for investors to explore in the property development business.


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