Investors called to purchase e-buses for Western Province - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Investors called to purchase e-buses for Western Province

Investors called to purchase e-buses for Western Province

The Morning: An Expression of Interest (EoI) called to purchase 200 electric buses for operation in the Western Province, Minister of Transport, Highways and Mass Media Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said.
Speaking at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) recently, he made these remarks.
“It will be implemented as a domestic and foreign joint venture. The investor would be allowed to operate the project to recover the invested capital. Thereafter, within a certain period, the ownership of the buses will be acquired by the Government. Any country in the world including China and Korea could apply for this project. This is an investment opportunity,” he noted.
The Minister highlighted that this programmed will be implemented in accordance with the world agreement where all public transportation worldwide will be free from fossil fuels by 2030.
This EoI has been called for the project, also allows them to establish charging points.

OSL take:
The overall expansion in economic activities in Sri Lanka has also increased the need to develop the public transport sector. The development of overall connectivity within the country is important for Sri Lanka’s growth path. Sri Lanka is working towards becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region resulting in the need to uplift and develop supplementary infrastructure facilities required by the key economic sectors. Given the growth and business potential in Sri Lanka, foreign businesses/investors could confidently explore the expanding opportunities, especially in the development of infrastructure facilities as well as supplementary infrastructure facilities in the country. Therefore, Sri Lanka’s public transportation sector presents a host of new opportunities.

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