Hayleys Fentons ICT and NEC Japan launch event to drive hospitality innovation in Sri Lanka - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Hayleys Fentons ICT and NEC Japan launch event to drive hospitality innovation in Sri Lanka

Hayleys Fentons ICT and NEC Japan launch event to drive hospitality innovation in Sri Lanka

Ada Derana: Hayleys Fentons ICT, Sri Lanka’s pioneering PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) communication system service provider, joined forces with NEC Japan, a multinational technology and electronics corporation, to host an event titled “ICT that Drives Hospitality” to revolutionize the role of technology in shaping exceptional hospitality experiences.
Enhancing Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry and elevating guest experiences are crucial elements for driving tourism and Sri Lanka’s economic revival. Through this unique event, Hayleys Fentons, a member of Sri Lanka’s most diversified conglomerate, the Hayleys Group, brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders from hospitality and technology sectors to explore the latest trends and best practices in smart hospitality.
During the event, Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Ltd, emphasized the strategic importance of the hospitality sector and the pivotal role that innovative ICT solutions play in driving its growth. “We take immense pride in our extraordinary 46-year partnership with NEC Japan, and we are delighted to bring this exceptional event to Sri Lanka. Together, we have driven innovation, fostered growth, and achieved remarkable success for telecommunication, computing and healthcare industries.
“Now, our collective focus is on the hospitality sector, where there is potential to transform guest experiences and in the long term, attract more tourists and accelerate economic recovery. This effort supports the national imperative in ensuring tourism growth and securing Sri Lanka’s position as a premier destination for global travelers.”
Attendees were immersed in insightful presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive demonstrations of products, including Smart Check-In, which enables guests to easily handle check-in and check-out, providing a smooth and branded experience. These world-class solutions, implemented in several overseas regions, present a host of benefits, including up to 40% improvement in operational efficiency, approximately 20% guest engagement enhancement ensuring a seamless journey, and 15% increase in overall revenue generation.
Hosted at the Kingsbury Hotel, the event served as a unique platform to share groundbreaking ideas and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving hospitality landscape. During the event, Xian Ying King, Business Development Manager of NEC, provided valuable insights into emerging trends in the hospitality industry, highlighting the latest advancements and their potential impact on Sri Lanka’s hospitality landscape.
Justin Yong, Pre-Sales Manager from the Regional Unified Communications Division of NEC, took the stage to discuss “Hospitality on the Next Generation.” His expertise in unified communications and technology solutions revealed how NEC is spearheading the digital transformation of the hospitality sector, enabling hotels to provide seamless and personalized guest experiences.
Yoosoof Ihthisham, General Manager of Hayleys Fentons ICT, stated “We are excited to introduce NEC’s Smart Hospitality solutions, including guest BYOD capabilities, staff mobility, seamless communication applications, PMS connectivity and many more that aim to transform hospitality experiences. By leveraging automation, personalization and connection, these solutions will help hotels control costs, improve staff efficiency, and create an environment that keeps guests coming back.”

OSL take:
With Sri Lanka’s tourism industry on a growth path with s steady growth in tourist arrivals to the country, the business/investment opportunities in the industry are also on the increase. The increase in opportunities can be see especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors. With Sri Lanka’s tourism authorities engaged in many promotional activities and the country being identified as a must visit tourist destination by the international media, development of the country’s leisure and hospitality sectors would be essential. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s leisure and hospitality sectors given the growth and business potential shown by them.

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