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EKHO Surf, Bentota opens with unique vast uninterrupted view of the ocean

EKHO Surf, Bentota opens with unique vast uninterrupted view of the ocean

Daily FT: EKHO Surf, Bentota emerges from a transformative renovation, inviting travelers, holidaymakers, and ocean-lovers to savour its unique, vast, uninterrupted ocean view. Officially relaunched on 19 December, the hotel narrates a story of resilience, evolution, and the timeless allure of Sri Lanka’s pristine coastline, perfectly timed for the peak of the December tourist season.
EKHO Surf combines golden sunsets, soft sand, and a sprawling lawn with well-appointed rooms and the freshest seafood, offering a truly authentic tropical escape.
Reflecting on the hotel’s journey, which began in 1972 and continues today as “EKHO Surf”, its journey has been a labour of love; a commitment to creating not just a hotel but an immersive experience that reflects the beauty and warmth of Sri Lanka. The relaunch symbolizes their dedication to offering a retreat that stands the test of time, inviting guests to create their own memories on Sri Lanka’s golden shores. Through the decades, they have written different chapters suitable for the times, and are excited about the one they have just begun.
In December 2023, EKHO Surf unveiled a fresh chapter in its storied history, marked by a comprehensive refurbishment. The hotel now stands as an icon of style, inviting guests to experience a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and coastal charm.
The contemporary lobby design and beach-inspired touches in the rooms evoke a sense of tradition while embracing modern sensibilities. This transformation goes beyond appearances, introducing enhanced amenities, wellness, and an oceanfront trendy bar becoming Firebeach, a sister outlet at the Galle Face Hotel.
Established in 1972 as Lihiniya Surf, the hotel has undergone a remarkable journey, evolving with the ebb and flow of tourism trends. Spearheaded by the vision of Kumara Maliyarachchi, Chairman of the Associate Hotels Group, the inaugural Government-owned tourist complex quickly became a cherished destination along Bentota beach, known as the longest stretch of beach on the southwest coast.
The hotel’s popularity soon surged, attracting those in search of the perfect fusion of sun, sea, and sand. Over the years, and subsequent to its parent company merging with Ceylon Hotels Corporation PLC, Lihiniya Surf transformed into ‘The Surf’ in 2012 and later evolved into EKHO Surf in 2016, encapsulating the essence of a renewed identity inspired by Sri Lanka’s vibrant culture.

OSL take:
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