August tourist arrivals increase by 2.5% with rise in Indian visitors - Opportunity Sri Lanka
August tourist arrivals increase by 2.5% with rise in Indian visitors

August tourist arrivals increase by 2.5% with rise in Indian visitors

Tourism office data shows that tourist arrivals spiked by 2.5% from last year to 190,924 visitors with an increase in Indian tourists despite in decline growth of Chinese arrivals.
A 3.5% rise in visitors arriving to Sri Lanka from January to August was recorded totalling 1.406 million arrivals.
South Asian arrivals increased to 17.1% equalling 42,649 visitorsindicating a 27% rise in tourists from India numbering 31,220. A 5% drop in Maldivian arrivals accounted for 6,405 visitors and arrivals from Pakistan fell 1.2% to 3,133. During the 8-month period a 3.6% rise in Indian arrivals numbering 233,120 visitors was recorded.
Despite a 3.7% drop in Chinese arrivals totalling 42,412 tourists, visitors from East Asiarecorded a 2.4%increase to 42,412. Tourist arrivals from Malaysia rose by 27% 2,311, Indonesian arrivals were up by 120% to 1,143 and Singaporean arrivals went up 14% to 1,783. A 0.7% decline in tourists from China was recorded for the 8-month period accounting for only 189,696 arrivals.
An increase of 1.6% was recorded in arrivals from Western Europe numbering 65,949 visitors, with UK tourists the main contributor increasing 7% to 21,903. A 10% reduction in German tourists accounted for 10,993 visitors and French arrivals also decreased by 7% to 10,730. During the 8-month period UK arrivals had gone up by 7.8% to 121,378.
Eastern European arrivals recorded a 22% decline to 5,711, with Russianarrivals reducing to 49% totalling 1,272 visitors but an increase of 20% in Ukrainian tourists accounted for 1,399 arrivals.
A 12.9% reduction was recorded in the Middle Eastern market 16,339 visitors, with Saudi Arabian arrivals drooping by 6.2% to 8,761 visitors and a 5.9% rise in arrivals from the UAE numbering 1,373 tourists.
Sri Lanka saw a decrease in the number of tourists visiting the island during 2017, with Tourism Minister, John Amaratunga attributing the semi-closing of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for renovation in April, the spread of dengue and the flooding as causes.


An increase in Indian arrivals is an encouraging sign since the country is Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour with the second highest population in the world and a growing middle-class, translating to a large market potential. Also, the geographical location means that ease of travel will encourage Indian visitors to consider Sri Lanka for a short vacation.
On the other hand, the growth shown in the tourism industry would be an encouraging sign for investors to explore opportunities in the tourism industry.

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