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Air Arabia Abu Dhabi to commence flights to Sri Lanka

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi to commence flights to Sri Lanka

The Morning: Air Arabia Abu Dhabi had recently received the Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) after satisfying the necessary technical and operational requirements in line with the government policy to offer more pathways for foreign airlines to operate flights to Sri Lanka.
The FAOC was handed over by the Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer (DGCA and CEO) P. A. Jayakantha, to the Accountable Manager and Sales Manager of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Shibin Nazeem.
The application submitted by Air Arabia Abu Dhabi was scrutinized by the Civil Aviation Inspectors of CAASL under the guidance of DGCA/CEO Jayakantha and the Deputy Director General (Flight Safety Regulations) Saman Gunawerdena, considering the organizational structure, capability, availability of qualified and well-trained staff, suitable instruments and equipment, ground handling arrangements and other required facilities and documents for the certification.
The Head of Operation of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Chathura Colombage was also present at the receipt of the certification.
Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is a low-cost airline based in the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2019.

OSL take:
There has been an increase in the number of flights operated to Sri Lanka by many international airlines during the past few months. It is indicative of the steady growth in the country’s tourism industry as well as the increase in business travelers visiting the country due to the expansion in economic activities. The increasing air traffic to the country is also indicative of the expanding business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s airport and aviation sector. The increasing air traffic and the increase in foreign travelers arriving in the country have opened up new opportunities for foreign businesses/investors to explore the development of supplementary infrastructure facilities required by the airport and aviation sector to cope with the increasing number of arrivals. With Sri Lanka working towards becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region, the country’s economy would record a steady growth resulting in an increasing business potential.

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