Abans Solar takes lead in propelling Sri Lanka towards eco-friendly energy solutions - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Abans Solar takes lead in propelling Sri Lanka towards eco-friendly energy solutions

Abans Solar takes lead in propelling Sri Lanka towards eco-friendly energy solutions

Daily FT: In a world grappling with pollution and energy scarcity, a mere 1% of the sun’s radiance holds the key to mitigating these global challenges. Imagine this potential harnessed in a sun-soaked haven like Sri Lanka, where solar power becomes an oasis of hope, especially amid escalating energy costs.
When choosing a service provider, make a thoughtful decision by opting for a financially secure and dependable company. Look for a business that boasts a well-established presence in the market, with a proven track record, and the ability to deliver after-sales service consistently for a span of 25 years.
Among the few champions of this cause is Abans, a beacon of excellence since 1968, with over 50 years of trusted service. With a sprawling network of over 400 showrooms and service centers across Sri Lanka, Abans has become an integral part of people’s lives. Under the umbrella of the Abans Group, a conglomerate with over 30 companies, Abans Solar takes the lead in propelling Sri Lanka towards eco-friendly energy solutions through reliable solar power systems.
Abans Solar addresses the diverse energy needs of both homes and businesses in Sri Lanka. With certification from the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, it’s the sole entity backing its products and services with a 25-year performance warranty, instilling confidence in its offerings.
Solar power’s renewable nature and low maintenance not only enhance property value but also have the potential to eradicate electricity bills. Surplus energy can be exported back to the grid, earning consumers Rs. 37 per unit, subject to annual review. This symbiotic relationship between energy generation and consumption makes the 20-year Abans Solar scheme transformative.
For those grappling with tariff hikes, Abans offers on-grid solar power systems. Beyond shielding users from escalating costs, these systems grant 100% free electricity and come with a 25-year performance warranty, supplemented by free insurance and two servicing sessions.
Off-grid solar solutions are adorned with free insurance and one service, offers a remedy to frequent power cuts and can also be used as an option in order to reduce your electricity bills during peak hours. These systems empower appliances like air conditioners, TVs, fans, LED bulbs, laptops, routers, refrigerators, and CCTV systems to operate simultaneously for up to three hours. Abans backs these off-grid systems with a robust two-year warranty.
Abans Solar power systems boast cutting-edge technology, featuring acclaimed brands like ABB, Growatt, DEYE, JA Solar and Huawei. The commitment extends beyond purchase, with a round-the-clock aftersales service ensuring seamless operation.
Sustainability isn’t just a choice; it’s a shared responsibility. Abans Solar beckons Sri Lankans towards a greener tomorrow. Flexible payment plans in collaboration with banks ease the transition.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s power industry, especially the renewable energy sector, has become a hot spot for business/investment opportunities. The government of Sri Lanka has adopted a policy of increasing the renewable and clean energy component into 70% of the country’s total energy mix. The expanding economic activities in the country and the target of becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region have increased the demand for power in the country. The growth and profits recorded by businesses engaged in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector are indicative of the growth and business potential in the sector. The interest shown by many international players, including Adani Green Energy, to enter Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector is a further indication of the growing potential in the sector. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore the expanding business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s power industry, especially in the renewable energy sector.

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