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Two SLPA plots of land retendered

Two SLPA plots of land retendered

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has announced another round of calls for tenders in order to let two plots of land located at the Colombo Port belonging to it.
Each plot is said to cover an extent of two acres and had interest shown by 12 bidders to secure the leases.
In the first round of calls for bids these two properties in addition to another were included in the tender but only that one had been leased out to a liquor distillation company, with these two remaining free for rebidding.
Colombo Dockyard PLC is reported to have been appealing to the SLPA to accommodate its need to expand its activities within the Colombo Port, and had been amongst the twelve interested bidders attempting to secure the lease.
One of the plots put up for bidding is apparently located close to the Serendib Flour Mills and the second property is reportedly situated within the Port near the De Saram Gate.


If the Colombo Dockyard were able to secure the required land to expand its operations, then it will allow Sri Lanka to expand its ship repair sector. As a country poised to position itself as a global logistics hub, established a well-developed ship repair service will be imperative.
This will in turn attract new technological breakthroughs in the ship-repair sector thereby generating vigorous activity in another untapped sector within the country.

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