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Mixed Development at Chalmer’s Granaries

Mixed Development at Chalmer’s Granaries

The Chalmers Granary land is one of the identified lands under the Beira Lake Intervention Area Development Plan. The area is ideal for commercial, tourism, recreational and residential development with other basic infrastructure and transport facilities. To connect the waterfront to the City Centre, almost all the streets should be improved, considering the new developments. At present, there is considerable public interest and enthusiasm about the city’s urban waterfront. Hence, there is a considerable demand for large scale development as well as recreational activities in and around the Lake.

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Tender Eligibility : As mentioned in the bidding document
Line Ministry : No Funding
Line Agency : No Funding
Project Site : Chalmers Granaries
Component Stander : No Funding
Bid Security : No Funding
Bid Validity : No Funding
Issuance of tender document : No Funding
Tender Document Fee : No Funding
Pre Bid Meeting : No Funding
Estimated Project Cost : No Funding
Contract Period : No Funding
Tender Closing Date : No Funding
Funding : No Funding
Tender Code : VBS/TD/10072020/Y_1

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