LMSL-Buying heavy Mineral Sands (ICB) - Opportunity Sri Lanka
LMSL-Buying heavy Mineral Sands (ICB)

LMSL-Buying heavy Mineral Sands (ICB)

The chairman of Ministry Tender Committee, on behalf of Lanka Mineral Sands Limited, invites sealed bids from Foreign Parties who are interested in buying following heavy mineral sands available at the Factory in Pulmoddai of Sri Lanka. The Local Parties, who wish to purchase the products and export or add further value to the products, could also submit their bids.

The products are sold by two separated tenders and relevant details of both tenders are given below. The parties are able to submit the bid for the products to which they are interested to purchase.
For any additional information, please contact Marketing Manager of Lanka Mineral Sands Ltd and Marketing Division on Telephone: 0112 883962 email ilmenite@slt.lk

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Tender Eligibility : As per the Bidding Document
Line Ministry : Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Line Agency : Lanka Mineral Sands Limited
Project Site : Factory in Pulmoddai
Bid Security : USD 60,000, USD 30,000,USD 37,5000,USD 120,000.000
Bid Validity : As per the Bidding Document
Issuance of tender document : Lanka Mineral Sands Limited from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs on week days from 07.01.2019 till 11.02.2019
Tender Document Fee : LKR 10,000.00 or USD 60.00
Pre Bid Meeting : Not Mentioned
Estimated Project Cost : As per the Project Proponent
Contract Period : Not Mentioned
Tender Closing Date : LMS/MKT/TDR/18/12 will be closted at 1400 hrs on 12.02.2019 and LMS/MKT/TDR/19/01 at 1400 hrs on 21.02.2019
Funding : Not Mentioned
Tender Code : VBS/TD/09012018/Y_2

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