Amusement Park and Integrated Development at Meethotamulla

Amusement Park and Integrated Development at Meethotamulla

The property is located in the city of Meethotamulla.

The particular property offers geographical advantages in that the shape of the land is ideal for a development requiring a high elevation. The UDA is planning to develop the land into an Amusement Park.

The project will involve a major turn-around in the use of the land and will develop and improve the surrounding areas and settlements. The park could divert more of the Colombo traffic towards this area and create more economic and social opportunities for the inhabitants of Meethotamulla. Thus, the project could possibly improve the quality of life of those living nearby.

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Tender Eligibility : As mentioned in the bidding document
Line Ministry : No Funding
Line Agency : No Funding
Project Site : Meethotamulla
Component Stander : No Funding
Bid Security : No Funding
Bid Validity : No Funding
Issuance of tender document : No Funding
Tender Document Fee : No Funding
Estimated Project Cost : No Funding
Contract Period : No Funding
Tender Closing Date : No Funding
Funding : No Funding
Tender Code : VBS/TD/09072020/Y_3

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