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Sri Lanka’s Star Garment Group certified as CarbonNeutral by The Sustainable Future Group

Sri Lanka’s Star Garment Group certified as CarbonNeutral by The Sustainable Future Group

Sri Lanka’s Star Garment Group (“Star”), which is a leading global manufacturing company in the island, has reportedly been certified as CarbonNeutral by The Sustainable Future Group (SFG). SFG is Sri Lanka’s foremost sustainability verification and certification body.
Therefore Star has become both the largest carbon neutral company in Sri Lanka as well as the only one in the apparel sector to have its 14 facilities assessed and certified, local media report s state.
According to reports, the CarbonNeutral certification is awarded by Natural Capital Partners to companies that have reduced their carbon footprint to net zero in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.
The CarbonNeutral Protocol is the global standard for carbon neutral certification, providing the pragmatic guidance businesses need to measure Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and to then build credible reduction solutions through a combination of in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy and external emissions reductions projects. SFG is the regional partner of Natural Capital Partners.
“We believe that as an organisation, we should use our global scope of resources to support responsible climate action,” Komar President and CEO Charlie Komar has been quoted as saying. “The effort and investment to achieve this certification underscores Komar’s commitment to bold innovation and environmental stewardship. I’m proud that Star is leading the way to minimising our impact on climate change.”
Star had reportedly targeted becoming a CarbonNeutral Company by 2022 but was able to achieve this goal in 2020.
The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) was commissioned as Sri Lanka’s most recognised consultant on integrated corporate sustainability solutions to assess Star’s operational impact with GHGAssessments conducted across its 14 facilities and to develop customized mitigatory measures to reduce their environmental impact. Star supported a renewable energy carbon credit project to offset its quantified emissions and become carbon neutral.
“We applaud Komar’s leadership in driving sustainability in Star and we are honoured to be their partner in achieving their ground-breaking goal,” Carbon Consulting Company CEO Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne has been quoted as saying in the local media. “It is exciting to see an entire group of factories realise such a momentous step forward within such a short period of time, and should serve as an example for others to follow.”

OSL take:

Sri Lankan industries, especially the apparel sector, is keen on making their carbon foot print zero and have taken many initiatives to promote the concept. Foreign businesses involved in introducing zero carbon technologies could explore the many business opportunities in Sri Lanka’s industrial sector. Such technologies could be upgraded and introduced to other economic sectors in Sri Lanka as well.

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