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Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya named as one of new Seven Wonders of the World in major boost for tourism

Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya named as one of new Seven Wonders of the World in major boost for tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism has reportedly taken the spotlight once again on international media with the recent recognition by Bloomberg Businessweek. This is reportedly indicative of sustaining Sri Lanka’s brand visibility and universal appeal on a global platform
Sri Lanka Tourism has issued in a statement noting that the Sigiriya Rock Fortress has been listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, making Sri Lanka the only Asian country to make it onto the list along with six other iconic sites appealing to the new age traveller with a thirst for adventure.
These marvels include archaeological and natural treasures spanning far wider than the ancient Greek world and catering to all types of modern explorers, the statement has noted.
Dating back to King Kashyapa in the fifth century A.D., Sigiriya is the “perfect amalgam of human-made treasure and natural wonder,” enthuses Bloomberg. Nicknamed Lion Rock – a reference to the paws sculpted into the base of the 660 ft. tall stone – it includes elaborate cisterns and gardens, frescoed caves, and a winding stairway to the crowning citadel, local media reports have stated.
According to reports, Sri Lanka Tourism has strategically embarked on developing Sigiriya, a World Heritage site, into a sustainable destination under the National Sustainable Destination Certification (NSDC) initiative.
Sustainable tourism is essential to protect natural, cultural, and environmental resources which are critical for the wellbeing of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. If these valuable resources are not sustained, Sri Lanka could see dwindling tourist numbers in the future, Sri Lanka Tourism has stated.
Sri Lanka Tourism has further noted that particularly post-COVID 19, there will be an emergence of the conscious traveller with demands for all aspects of their travel to be sustainable with minimum travel footprint.
With foresight on global tourism moving towards sustainable growth, Sri Lanka Tourism had initiated the National Sustainable Tourism Certification (NSTC) for the accommodation sector.
Sri Lanka Tourism has stated it further continues to study the product and services offered by their regional rivals and differentiate the Sri Lankan Tourism offering while highlighting the multitude of immersive experiences available to explore on the island.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s global tourism promotional campaign has seen many destinations being promoted through various international media. Sri Lanka has been listed as a must visit destination by several leading global travel publications and the country’s airports have also received an internationally recognized safety and hygiene certification. This has made Sri Lanka a safe destination for post Covid travel. The positive developments have resulted in international hospitality brands expressing interest in entering the country. With Sri Lanka’s tourism industry once again showing signs of returning to normalcy, there has been an expansion of business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

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