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Sri Lanka’s President appoints task force to recommend mechanism to continue education

Sri Lanka’s President appoints task force to recommend mechanism to continue education

President of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa has reportedly appointed a 26-member Presidential Task Force to recommend mechanisms to ensure the continuity of the country’s education sector without any setbacks despite actions being taken to combat the global Covid 19 epidemic situation and the lockdown of cities as a result
The Task Force has been assigned to also recommend methods to modernise primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors in Sri Lanka in keeping with contemporary needs.
The Task Force has been asked to look into ways of introducing and implementing mechanisms necessary for the proper operation of examination activities and curriculum of students after clearing the backlog of work that has occurred due to recent holidays experienced by the primary, secondary, and tertiary education activities in the country.
Therefore, the need to introduce and implement strategies to conduct student education activities without interruption under the distance education concept during this time period will also be looked at by the Task Force.
Meanwhile, the Task Force is also expected to identify activities to broaden vocational and skills education opportunities and introduce and implement innovative solutions to improve skills and competencies compatible with the job market and formulate a programme to expedite new enrollments to universities and expand higher education opportunities by extending distance learning opportunities to such students as well.
The Task Force is to also look at measures to introduce and implement training mechanisms, including education techniques that enhance the quality of education sector, and direct students to subjects in line with topical requirements.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s education sector continues to provide business/investment opportunities. Before Sri Lanka was also affected by the Covid 19 global pandemic, the country’s education sector was on a progressive path exploring the latest trends and techniques being used in the field of education the world over. However, Sri Lankan authorities are now engaged in setting up a new education structure in the country with the introduction of distance learning systems to educate students who sending an extensive time away from school. Foreign education institutions could explore introducing new and easy methods of distance learning to Sri Lanka’s education sector.

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