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Sri Lanka’s first fully-electric car to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show

Sri Lanka’s first fully-electric car to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show

Vega EVX, which is Sri Lanka’s and South Asia’s first fully-electric supercar has reportedly been shipped to Switzerland to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show. Vega Innovations is a subsidiary of CodeGen International Ltd.
The vehicle was shipped from the Colombo harbour recently and is to reach its destination in late February and the motor show is to be held from 5-15 March.
According to reports, Vega EVX will be the first-ever vehicle in history entirely designed and engineered in Sri Lanka to be showcased at a premier international motor show. This all-electric supercar is powered by a dual-motor all-wheel-drive drivetrain delivering 804 HP and 720 NM of torque and with a 40 kWh battery-pack, recent test drives have confirmed a staggering 0 to 100 kmph acceleration in 3.1 seconds, an estimated range of 250 km and a top speed of 240 kmph, displaying the overall performance of the Vega EVX Supercar.
“Unlike most electric supercars in the market, the electronics and software for the Vega EVX, along with the liquid cooled battery-pack and the motor-controller, were entirely designed and developed by the in-house team. Moreover, the electronic vehicle controller, body controller, thermal control system, fully-digital infotainment system and instrument cluster components, developed from the ground up, add to the product’s excellence and know-how of Vega Innovations,” Vega Innovations Director Beshan Kulapala has been quoted as saying in the local media.
“The team behind Vega EVX is an extraordinary bunch of dedicated and passionate individuals who worked together long nights and years to realise a dream that was admired and supported by an entire nation. We are excited to travel to Switzerland as changemakers, making history at one of the most sought-after international motor shows in the world. We continue to build and optimise our very own innovative products under Vega Innovations, offering services to global companies and brands as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Components Design company. At the same time, we will actively secure alliances with strategic partners to deliver high-performance solutions to the wider world,” Kulapala has further stated.
The vital task of handling logistical services for this high-priced vehicle is placed in the hands of the Maersk International Group, chosen for its vast experience and knowledge in dealing with such consignments.
“We are proud to partner CodeGen as Sri Lanka makes history in the international arena by showcasing an engineering marvel once again to the wider world. We are excited for the team behind Vega EVX and CodeGen for realising their dream,” Maersk Country Sales Manager Randima Krishnaratne has said.
CodeGen International Group of Companies CEO Harsha Subasinghe has been quoted in the local media as saying, “We have reached the zenith of extraordinary design, delivery and innovation by launching our very own world-class supercar at the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show. Sri Lanka will not only be admired for its vast biodiversity but most importantly be known for our people who continuously push boundaries to drive change with an innate passion to do great things here in Sri Lanka. I am extremely proud to have such an exceptional talent pool, driven and committed to reach this amazing milestone not only for CodeGen but also for Sri Lanka. By pioneering design, people, nation-centric innovations, CodeGen has been drawing attention from worldwide media, and we will continue to deliver high-performance teams and products as we transform tomorrow’s world.”

OSL take:

The manufacturing of an electric supercar by Sri Lanka is indicative of the strength and growth of the country’s research, development and technology sectors. These sectors are a hotspot for business/investment opportunities. Foreign businesses could therefore explore business opportunities in these sectors and use the trade benefits enjoyed by Sri Lanka to promote locally manufactured products globally.

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