Sri Lanka’s Evergreen Group emerges as largest tea producer - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Evergreen Group emerges as largest tea producer

Sri Lanka’s Evergreen Group emerges as largest tea producer

Daily FT: Evergreen Group situated in Horangalla, Thalgaswela in the Galle district has produced and sold the highest quantity of tea for a group in Sri Lanka in 2023 with a quantity of 10,256,217 Kgs.
Chairman Aruna de Silva, Deputy Chairman Senal de Silva and Director Minul de Silva are prominent members of the Board.
The group produces both Orthodox and CTC teas. The factories under this entity are certified with RA and ISO certificates and around 30,000 small holders supply green leaf to the factories. The group employs over 4,000 people from the area. Evergreen Group has 13 factories under its operation namely, Evergreen, Brombil, Thundola, Talangaha, Katandola, Wathurawila, Walahanduwa, Hill Garden, Rekadahena, Kanneliya, Lihiniyawa, Marakanda and Devitura.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s tea industry is working towards regaining the top spot earlier enjoyed by Ceylon Tea in the international market. The increase in local tea production is indicative of the growth and expansion in Sri Lanka’s tea industry. Also, the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by Sri Lanka with other countries as well as the many promotional campaigns carried out by local authorities in key foreign markets have further expanded the local tea industry. With a focus on further increasing the revenue generated by Sri Lanka’s tea industry, the government of Sri Lanka has introduced several incentive schemes for businesses in the tea industry. All these have increased the business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tea industry and the growing business potential in the industry should be explored by foreign businesses/investors looking at business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

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